Friday, April 12, 2013

Review on "The Body Shop" Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream

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Today I am reviewing "The Body Shop" Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream
This product can be found online or at "The Body Shop" store. It costs about $21 and contains 15mL or 0.5 fluid oz.
It is said to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with a gentle lightweight treatment that smoothes and softens the delicate skin around the eye area and is opthamologist tested.

What do I think of this product?
I bought this eye cream a couple months ago to see if I could find an eye cream that was moisturizing enough for my eyes. The Aloe Eye Defense and the Vitamin E Eye Cream from "The Body Shop" were not moisturizing enough and sometimes the skin around my eyes would feel drier and tight after applying these eye creams.
I use this eye cream every morning after I shower. I decided not to use it twice a day to let it last longer because eye creams are expensive! And I actually use the Aloe Soothing Night Cream before I go to bed on my face, neck, and as an eye cream and it works pretty well.
I really like the container of this eye cream. It is in the form of a pump which is clean and hygienic. Also, I can control how much product I want to dispense and use. But I do wish that the container was clear like the Aloe Eye Defense so I can see how much product gets used, so I know when I am running out and that I need to get another one soon.
So, I do like this eye cream better than the previous other 2 that I tried. The consistency of the cream is light, smooth, and soft. It absorbs well into my skin and does not irritate or redden my skin. It is somewhat more moisturizing than the other 2 eye creams that I used before. However, after I apply, the skin around my eyes still tend to feel a bit tight and dry. After applying a second time, it feels okay. It does have a fragrance, and it is hard to describe but it doesn't smell bad. It is not a sharp, strong scent, and it goes away quickly. I think it smells nice enough and it doesn't bother me.
As for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I'm sorry, but I can't say much since I'm 22 years old and I don't have fine lines or wrinkles around my eyes. I am using eye creams now as more of a preventative measure for future fine lines and wrinkles when I get older.
Overall, I think it it is a bit expensive for an eye cream and I might want to try something else. But it's not bad and if I can't find anything better, I'm fine with sticking to this one for now.

Do I recommend this product?
Unless you have very dry skin around your eyes, I do recommend this product as a good product to try. Depending on how well your skin absorbs the product and how much you use, it can work out for you. I would say go to "The Body Shop" store and ask for a sample before you actually buy it.

So I hope this review was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and have a great weekend! ^_^

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