Sunday, April 7, 2013

why I don't think a coffee scrub from used coffee grind helps reduce cellulite

Hi Everyone,

I made this video yesterday and uploaded it on youtube last night, but I was too tired to post it on my blog so I posted it today. =P
So, I saw Michelle Phan's video on a coffee grind scrub on how to reduce cellulite and I personally don't think that it will do much of anything.

You are free to your opinions. This is just my opinion and explanation.

Here are the websites and papers that I took my research from:

- amount of caffeine in coffee

- permeation of caffeine into the skin

"The combination of FCT with the Franz diffusion cell represents a valuable method to investigate follicular penetration in vitro. Nevertheless, in vivo experiments should not be abandoned as in vitro, structural changes of skin occur and blood flow and metabolism are absent, probably accounting for reduced penetration rates in vitro."

- absorption rate of caffeine

"The absorption of caffeine and testosterone through human skin was similar, having overall mean maximum absorption rates of 2.24 ± 1.43 μg/cm2/h and 1.63 ± 1.94 μg/cm2/h, respectively."

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for watching.

I'll probably get a lot of hate from die-hard Michelle Phan's fans, but is it not okay to not believe in what she says?

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