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Fifth Sasa Haul and Review!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the 5th Sasa Haul and Review! =D
I have bought 3 products:

- DOT DOT Eyeliner Gel Pencil 36 H Water Resistant in shimmer black
- K-Palette Pencil Eyeliner in black
- Mentholatum ACNES Acne Point Clear

I have used these products for at least 2 months.

DOT DOT Eyeliner Gel Pencil 36 H Water Resistant in shimmer black
This product costs $6.50 and you get 1 eyeliner and a sharpener.
It is said to last for 36 hours  and is sweat-proof, tear-proof and sebum-proof.And they said you can use it as an eyeliner or eyeshadow.
Cautions (from the box): Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

What do I think of this product?
So, I had a few issues with this pencil eyeliner. =P
The pencil comes with a cap and a pencil sharpener.
So, my first problem was that the cap was nearly impossible to take off. -__- I pulled and pulled with a lot of force and it did not come off. So, I ended up using my teeth (yes, yes bad I know) to yank the darn cap off, because I could just not pull it off!
Second problem was that with this pencil sharpener, I couldn't really sharpen to a nice point. It always sort of sharpens up halfway and just stays there so...I kind of gave up on that. Also, the pencil lead inside broke =(, probably in the shipping process.
The formula of this eyeliner is kind of dry and sticky. I think this is because it is a very waterproof formula, so the formula is on the drier and stickier side. If I try to use this pencil eyeliner directly on my eye, first, the tip was not thin, so I could not really draw a nice thinner line and because of the sticky formula, it pulls and tugs on the skin around my eyes and my eyelids. So, basically, it didn't work well with me.
However, I did try to use it another way. I dabbed my thin eyeliner brush (flat wing kind) onto the tip of the pencil and would draw the eyeliner onto my eye, as if I was using a gel or cream eyeliner. And in this way, it works pretty well. There is no tugging of my skin. I can draw a pretty thin line and if I want to I can smudge it out for a softer look. It is pretty long lasting like it says and I don't really need to set it with powder unless the weather is hot and humid. So, in this way I can use it, and I like it.
Judging from the Cautions on the eyeliner box, I am not going to use this to tightline or waterline my eyes. Perhaps it has substances that irritate the eyes.
Also, it does have gold shimmer in it, but it doesn't really show up, it just looks black. It is not a very intense black, kind of normal and on the lighter side for some maybe.

Here are some pictures and swatches:

 Can you see the scratches and dents on the cap? Yeah, from my teeth. =P


So, I know it doesn't look very dark, but using my eyeliner brush, the color is more concentrated and darker on my eyes.

Do I recommend this product?
If you want a pencil eyeliner that you can use directly on your eyes and don't want it to tug on your eyes, then I do not recommend this product. However, if you don't mind using it in a different way, like me, it may take more time, but it is not a bad product and I think it's worth a shot!

K-Palette Pencil Eyeliner in black
This product costs $18.60. The eyeliner is said to be waterproof at last for 24 hours in any condition. It is said to not smudge or budge but can be removed easily with a makeup remover.

What do I think of this product?
So, this pencil eyeliner is pretty interesting. The cap screws on and off, which is pretty nice and you know that the cap won't fall off accidentally on its own!
The pencil lead inside is very slim and thin and is twisted up or down. This is really convenient because it has a fine point and I don't have to worry about sharpening and wasting eyeliner.
The formula is on the drier and stickier side being very waterproof. It does tug a little on my eyelids if I want to draw eyeliner on my eyes so I do prefer my Dolly Wink pencil liners (brown or black) because even though they are a little less waterproof, they are softer, creamier, and easier to work with.
However, I really like to thicken my lashline and tightline my eyes (fill the upper waterline of your eyes). This is a very long lasting pencil eyeliner. I really like it. I still will set it with a dark eyeshadow powder if I use it on my lashline because I have really oily eyelids and if I apply alone it will smudge...='(, yes sad, but this is a good product and worth the money for me. X)
It tends to dry pretty quickly and I will show you a short video clip of no matter how much I rub my skin, this pencil eyeliner does not smear at all! The color is a strong dark black that won't fade.
And I don't have a problem removing this product with my eye makeup remover!

Here are some pictures, swatches, and the video:

Sorry for the poor quality of this video, filming at night again. X( I hope that you can see that the pencil did not smudge off at all! It is really strong.

Do I recommend this product?
recommend this product! It is very waterproof and the color is a strong black. If you tend to have oily eyelids like me, just set it with an eyeshadow powder. But if you don't, then you don't have to worry about that! The only issue you may have is the tugging of the skin when you use this as an eyeliner. =/ My advice for you is to use small/short dabbing strokes and connect the eyeliner together with that. This is no kohl eyeliner, don't try drawing a single long stroke, it's not going to happen. =P But as for waterlining, and tightlining, this is a great product!

Mentholatum ACNES Acne Point Clear
This product costs $5.70 and contains 9mL of product.

What do I think of this product? And do I recommend this product?
I have bought and reviewed this product before in my third Sasa Haul. If you would like more information, please click on the link in the previous sentence.
Overall, this product does not work for acne (as in treating and preventing acne) but it works very well for reducing swelling and redness. It does not irritate or dry out my sensitive skin and I really like it. I recommend this to anyone who tends to get redness or swelling on the face, especially after scratching or popping a pimple.

So I hope you liked this haul and that it was informative to you in some way =P. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later! ^_^

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