Monday, October 15, 2012

Review on Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

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Midterm season has come so sorry for the infrequent posting, I will try my best to keep updating my blog! XO

So today I will review the Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

I got this as a mini or a travel size version a while ago so I don't remember the price but it is 1 fluid oz or 30mL. But the regular size costs about $38 and contains 5.1 fluid oz or a 150mL of product.
You can find this at Ulta or Sephora.
This product is a peptide toner that creates a hydrating, antioxidant shield over skin to help reduce fine dryness lines and prevent the signs of aging. Mist over skin after cleansing and throughout the day to help firm, rehydrate, and minimize skin-aging triggers. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

What do I think of this product?
I used this product for a few weeks, until I finished it. I sprayed it on my face after cleansing every morning. It doesn't have much of a smell or fragrance, which I like. And if it does, it is not very strong. This spray does feel refreshing and does not clog my pores or irritate or redden my skin. My skin will only sting a little if I happen to exfoliate maybe a little too much before spraying, but the stinging goes away and there are no long lasting problems. It does not clog my pores or make my skin feel oily, sticky or tight.
I do find this spray hydrating, especially after washing my face. My skin tends to get dry and tight quickly after washing, so this keeps my face hydrated.
As for preventing fine lines and wrinkles, I can't say about that. And if you ask me, I'm not sure what to say. I am still young (in my twenties) and my only fine lines are the smile wrinkles around my eyes. But this spray did not make much of a difference when it comes to fine lines. First of all, I don't have much and second of all, there does not seem to be a significant improvement for the fine lines that I do have. This may work better for some skin types than others, but for reducing fine lines for my skin, I don't see any benefits.
Overall, I think this is good for people with dry skin, who want to tone and keep their face nice and hydrating after cleansing. However, I am doubtful on the anti-aging benefits. I also think that this spray is quite expensive, and if I just wanted to hydrate my skin, I could fill a spray bottle with water, and it would be the same.

Do I recommend this product?
If you are looking for a spray to help hydrate your face, I don't recommend this product, because you can definitely either buy something cheaper that works just as fine or make your own spray water bottle for $2. If you want something with antioxidant properties for anti-aging properties to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, I am unsure whether to recommend this product because it didn't really work for me.
If you are unsure if you think this product will work the way you want it, or the way it says, you can always get the travel/mini size at the stores I mentioned earlier. It will definitely last long enough for you to see if it makes a difference for you or not.
If you are looking for a good toner that is much more affordable, I highly recommend "The Body Shop" Aloe Calming Toner!

So, I hope this review was useful to you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write in the comment box below! =) Thank you for reading and I will see you soon!

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