Sunday, October 21, 2012

Products I Regret Buying: Nailpolish

Hi guys!

So today is kind of an unhappy post. It's an unhappy post for me because I felt I wasted $14 on some nail polishes that were really bad and crappy.
So I just want to tell you guys to not buy these! =O Or you will be sad like me. =(

ROSE Nail Cocktail Kit

What do I think of this product?
So, I'm a pretty lazy person when it comes to nail art. I usually paint clear and don't have the skill or time to do really pretty things like designs or what not. But I saw this at Marukai for about $8 and it is a kit designed to give a shimmer gradient effect on one's nails. It has instructions on the back on how to apply it to give the gradient effect. So, I've been seeing it at the store for a while and it seems to be bought often, and I decided to try it. It looked pretty simple and cute.
Omg, I was so wrong. -___-. The blue nail polishes were very thick and sticky. It was hard to apply an even coat because the consistency was so viscous. And, the brush is of poor quality, a round brush (not flat) and it was difficult to use and control.
But the worst part was the drying process. These nail polishes cannot dry! They do not dry! The white one dried because I put a very thin coat of polish on my nails but because the blue nail polishes were so thick, they were like lumps on my nails and did not dry at all! It was such a pain! And also very difficult to remove with nail polish remover.

Here are a few pictures:

As you can see, only the clear white sparkle and the darkest blue shade can be seen. The middle blue color has almost no pigmentation at all, but just has blue sparkles. However, this does not create a gradient effect.

I'm not sure if you can see, but you can see how thick and uneven the blue nailpolish is on my nails and this was me trying my best to put the thinnest coat on as carefully as possible!

Omg, such a terrible mess. Because the nail polish could not dry, it just smeared everywhere! O_O

So, if you see this, please don't buy it! Total waste of your money!

Nail Color pa

What do I think of this product?
I've seen this at a lot of Japanese stores such as Marukai and Tokyo Lifestyle. And I have always wanted to try them, they look so cute and pretty! They usually cost around $6.
So, I really really really wanted to like this nail polish. But such a disaster. T_T
First of all, the smell. I usually don't mind nail polish smells, like all nail polishes will have it, so it's okay. However, this was ridiculously sharp smelling and strong! It made me cough! And not cough on purpose, or voluntarily. My throat literally constricted from the smell and coughed reactively to the smell. It was very very strong.
The next problem was again, drying. *sigh* The consistency is smooth and normal so I was able to apply a thin coat and it looked cute with heart and butterfly sparkles. But, darn it, this nail polish also could not dry properly! I waited for at least 10 minutes and they felt fine. So I put a topcoat on. Then later, when I touched something or when my nail rubbed against something, the nail polish just slid right off. -____- I even removed all the nail polish, washed and dried my hands, and reapplied the nail polish on bare nails (with no base coat) and the same thing happened. Honestly, very disappointing and frustrating.

Here are some pictures:

So, this is what it looks like when I applied it. Cute and nice looking.

But disaster struck like 20 minutes later, with everything sliding out of place! >.<

Really, sad and depressing. Just don't buy these things okay guys. =(

So, I hope this review was useful to you. I'm just annoyed because it's not like I can give this away to a person who doesn't mind and can work with nail polishes with small problems like uneven consistency or long drying time. Because these things just don't dry at all! gr! I'll just have to throw them away....
Anyway, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later!

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