Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review on "The Body Shop" Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask!

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Today I will review "The Body Shop" Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask:

This product costs $22 and contains 4.2 oz, 100 mL or 120 grams of product.
It is said to contain 100% of natural clay complex that cleanses and revitalizes skin. The negatively charged ions act like magnets to draw out dirt and impurities from the pores.

Apply this deep-cleansing mask treatment to clean, dry skin once or twice a week. Leave it to dry for up to 10 minutes. Use clean, warm water to gently remove the mask from your face, ensuring that all traces are removed from the creases around your nose and around your hairline.

What do I think of this product?
I bought this mask not because my favorite Queen Helene mint julep mask doesn't work as well. The mint julep mask is really great but just becomes really really cold on my face because of the drying and the mint which can feel a bit unpleasant during the winter. So I was looking for a good clay mask I can use for the winter that won't make my face feel so cold as it dries. 
I like this product except for the price haha. I would buy it more often if it wasn't that expensive.
I have heard that a lot of people really dislike the smell of this mask and that it is really bad and strong. But personally, I don't find it that bad and it is not particularly strong or sharp smelling. I think I have a pretty sensitive nose when it comes to fragrances in products and I am pretty picky about them, but this is okay. It does smell a bit weird/odd, though it is hard to describe. But the fragrance definitely does not irritate my skin or sting my nose or eyes or anything like that. 
The consistency of the mask is very thick and pasty. It is a bit harder to put on and spread out compared to my mint julep mask, but not that bad. It is not that smooth and creamy because there are particles inside the formula of the mask, so it feels a little grainy.
When the mask starts to dry on my face, it does feel a little cold but not as cold as the mint julep mask, which was like yay for me! XP However, because it is so thick, it is harder to remove than my mint julep mask which just takes more time and TLC (tender loving care) when removing it from my skin.
This works well on my oily T-zone, but when I put it on my cheeks, it hurt when I was washing it off. I wouldn't consider my cheeks to be sensitive but they are drier than my T-zone. And I tried a couple more times on my T-zone and my cheek and yup, my cheeks still hurt even when I tried to wash the mask off as gently as possible. They also got a little red and irritated afterwards. Perhaps the magnetic effect of drawing out impurities from my pores are too strong for the drier areas of my skin. Also, because I don't have acne around the dry and very sensitive areas around my mouth, I don't use this mask on it. And after the side effects on my cheeks I did not want to use it around my mouth because I'm afraid of what could happen =/.
Also, if you recently picked a pimple, don't put it on that pimple, it will rip the top skin off. If you want to put it on acne to decrease the swelling and size, go for acne that is emerging but not the kind that is too sensitive and tender because the thin layer of skin on top may be damaged.
In my oily T-zone, this is great for shrinking acne and help sucking out blackheads and shrinking my pores. I do see a difference in my pores and I am pretty happy about it. =)
However, I probably will only use this on the oily parts of my face such as my forehead, between my eyebrows, and also my nose. Which might be better because I will use less on my face and make the product last long haha. =P

Here is what the mask looks like:

I'm not sure if you can see the tiny grains in the close up picture, but there are small grainy particles. There isn't a lot so it won't be rough or anything.

Do I recommend this product?
If you do not mind the price, I recommend this mask for normal to oily skin that is not too sensitive.If you tend to have dry and/or sensitive skin, I am not sure because it may be a little irritating. Of course, if you have combination skin like me, then you can just use this on your oily to normal and not sensitive skin areas.
The biggest issue would be price, I am actually not sure if I am going to buy this mask again because it is so expensive. And I'm just a college student. If you have a stable income, I guess it may matter less to you. I think if you use it carefully and wisely (less product and less often) then this can last for a good amount of time.
Despite that, I really like this seaweed clay mask. It does visibly shrink the pores on my forehead, between my eyebrows, and on my nose. And it also helps shrink and calm down inflamed acne. And it is also not as cold when it dries compared to the mint julep mask.

So I hope you liked this review. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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