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How to find a good mascara?

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Who wants darker, thicker, and/or longer lashes? Then of course, you want to use mascara!
Using mascara can allow a person's eyes to look bigger, brighter, and more awake, which is essential in many looks.
Here are some tips on how to find a good mascara.
Of course, these tips are based on my preferences, so you may take from it what you like and what not.
Also, there may be some repeated information, since many things will overlap and affect one another.

I judge how good a mascara is by 3 things:
-amount of product on wand
-shape and size of wand


Irritation and Sensitivity
Of course, this is the first and most important step. Make sure that the formula does not irritate and/or hurt your eyes or the skin around your eyes. Just stop using it if it does.

Waterproof vs Non-waterproof
I tend to go for waterproof mascaras because they hold a curl better and they will last longer and of course if it rains or if you cry there is less mascara running down your cheeks. The downside is that waterproof mascara is more difficult to remove. But if you find a good makeup remover, then it is okay.

Smudging and Flaking
Of course no one wants their mascara to get messy, so make sure to find a good long lasting mascara that will not smudge or flake off onto your skin. I have pretty oily skin around my eyes and on my eyelids so finding a smudge-proof mascara is important for me. Again, that's why I usually go for waterproof.

If you are looking for thicker and/or longer lashes, you also look for how much product you can buildup on your lashes to increase the volume and length. Generally wetter formulas with a thinner and smoother consistency have more buildability but they might need to dry in between coats or take longer to dry. Drier formulas can still be buildable and many work well, but you may need to work a little faster before they dry up. Sometimes if you apply mascara  onto eyelashes with dried mascara on already, it can make the lashes lump together or have large chunks of mascara stuck to it.
Sometimes formulas will have tiny fibers that will aid in the buildability of mascara and help thicken and/or lengthen lashes.

Clumping vs Not Clumping
Some people like the clumping effect, others don't mind a little and there are people like me, who hate it. I personally think that clumping looks ugly and unnatural, and it makes it very obvious to people that you are wearing it. Also, clumping can make so many of your eyelashes stick together that it will not have the beautiful fanout effect that some people look for, and your eyelashes may look even more sparse and unnoticeable.
If you want a formula that does not clump, try a formula that is not too sticky and/or dry.

How well it holds a Curl
For people like me who have straight lashes that tend to point down, we curl them before (and sometimes after) mascara application to perk up our eyelashes. If we don't curl them, then there's no point in mascara if you can't see your eyelashes first.
Generally drier formulas and waterproof formulas hold curled eyelashes better.

How well it Thickens/Volumizes Lashes
Depending on what you are looking for, some people want thicker or more volumized lashes. Usually that means that they are looking for a mascara that is easily buildable in order to create many layers to make the eyelashes look thicker.

How well it Lengthens
If you are looking for a mascara to lengthen your eyelashes, you are also looking for buildability, generally also with tiny fibers in the formula to help increase lash length.

How Long Lasting it is
Of course, everyone wants mascara that lasts all day without melting or smudging off. Waterproof mascaras are usually good at this.

Amount of Product

The amount is very important. The size of the container hole will be the one to determine how much product is on the wand when you pull the wand out of the container.
Too much product can cause a lot of clumping, or weigh down lashes a lot so they are no longer curled or upright.
If a wand has too much product, usually I will get a tissue and wipe off the excess before application. It may seem very wasteful, but it works really well if you don't want excess clumps of mascara when you apply. Having excess mascara may be hard to spread the product evenly and cause clumping and weighing down of the lashes, so they will fall flat after curling.

Shape and Size of Wand
Shape and size will determine how well the product is applied to your eye lashes and how easy it is to apply to your eyelashes.

Here are a few general rules for finding a wand that suites you:
-If you have small, short eyelashes, find wands that are skinny, small, and not that big and fat. It is easier to see what you are doing and easier to apply more product from the base to the tip of the lashes.
-If you want to prevent clumping, rubber wands are better than wire wands at preventing clumping and fanning out the lashes more easily.
-If you are looking for a want to coat each and every lashes, a skinny or small sized mascara will do the trick. Those kinds are also good for apply mascara to the lower lashes.

The rest is really up to you and your preferences. Just remember wands can make a huge difference to how a mascara works on you and it just takes some time and practice to find one that suites your eyelashes best!

I hope this information was helpful to you! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you soon! =)

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