Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Outfit of the Day!

Hi Everyone!

This is what I wore today! Please watch in HD! Thanks!

This look is Taiwanese/Japanese inspired.

Not something you can wear any day, and will definitely attract some attention haha.
But I think it is very cute and feminine and I have gotten many compliments!
I think that this look is best in the fall, due the darker red color of the dress and the soft brown booties. But, whatever, I wanted to wear it today! XD

Just make sure, that if you are buying a dress similar to this, that it is long enough to stay classy. Especially if you are a taller person, make sure your butt is not peaking out from the bottom. =P

This is great for shorter girls because the dress will make your legs appear longer. It can also cinch in the waist and the flare from the dress makes your hips look wider.

Or for bustier girls, who still want to look good, but not look like a slut and have their boobs exposed. The straps and underbust of the dress will emphasize and centralize towards your bust, but as you can see, no boob skin is visible and it can look sexy but still appropriate!

Thanks for watching!

Juju was such a cutie! But a little too excited today =P. Hard to keep her still for photos.

...where are you going?

On side note, I got my eyebrows done! They look so clean and polished! =D

I really recommend the beautician who did my eyebrows. She is such a professional and her prices are very reasonable. You can check out her website here.

Here are a couple of my pictures after my eyebrows were done:
I should have done a before and after, but I didn't think I would do a post on it. But the results are amazing!
She does a very natural look and gave me great tips for filling in my brows!

See you guys later! =)

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