Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Few Outfits I Wore this Week! =)

Hi Everyone!

Here are a few outfits I wore so far this week!

Please watch in HD! Thanks and enjoy.

The weather is now in the wonderful mid-70s in sunny southern California and winter never really came.....='(, couldn't wear a lot of my cute winter clothes that I bought, but it's okay, another time.

I thought that these outfits were casual and everyday clothes that anyone could wear to school or on a normal day.

The last one might have been a bit boring, but I really like a brightly colored cami peaking out from underneath the white top. I think it looks cute and fun. Also, you won't look slutty wearing just that white top and accidentally exposing your boobs whenever you bend over or something. =P

I also work in a research lab which means long pants and closed-toed shoes are required, hence the jeans. But that doesn't mean I can't look good! ;P

As for the rest of the week, I'll be in the hospital, so I'll be wearing scrubs. Not the most interesting outfit. haha

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Thank you for watching. =)

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