Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review on Stila's "Portrait of a Perfect Eye" Palette

Hi Everybody!

Today I am reviewing the Stila's "Portrait of a Perfect Eye" Palette

I do not know how much this product cost because I received it as a gift from a friend for Christmas.

This palette comes with 6 shades (listed from left to right in the picture above)
-a matte pale off white shadow
-a rosey copper shimmery shadow
-a shimmery dark reddish-brown shadow
-a yellow-toned pale shimmery champagne shadow
-a shimmery bronze-taupe shadow
-a matte dark brown shadow

What do I think of this palette?
First of all I would like to thank my friend who got me this palette! I really like it and this is my first Stila product ever!
So, I really like how slim and compact this palette is. It is very light and travel friendly. There is no clasp or latch to firmly close the palette. So that is an issue when carrying it around, but it can be easily solved by using a rubber band or hair tie
This palette contains a lot of browns and warm tones which is complementary to all eye and skin colors. I also prefer browns, they are not as harsh as black and give a softer and more romantic feel.
I find this a very good night palette. Most of the eyeshadows are very shimmery and tend to be on the darker side which is good for going out in the evening or at night. The shimmery shadows also do have a bit of fall out onto my cheeks, it's usually just the shimmer though, and not the color, so I can brush that off with a fan brush.
You can do day looks, but it is going to be very basic and you should probably only apply a little shimmer. The shimmer is pretty strong, so apply lightly little by little. I made the mistake of applying it indoors, and when I went outside (where the sun was shining strongly), my eyes looked like there were laser beams shooting out of them or something =P, wayyy tooo shimmery.
So just keep in mind that the shimmer is strong in the eyeshadows and should be used carefully if you are going outside. If you don't like shimmer for day looks, you can work with the 2 matte colors (off white and dark brown) but like I said earlier, the look will be very basic because there are only 2 matte shadows.

The matte white is the one I use the least, it is used for highlighting the brow bone, but that's not something I usually do. My favorite is probably the rosey copper shimmer, really beautiful and not too red and goes well with the darker reddish brown eyeshadow. The pale-yellow shimmer champagne is great for highlighting the balls of the eye and the inner corners of the eyes. The shimmery bronze-taupe is also very pretty, almost metallic. I find it too dark for day use and only use it with dark smokey eyes for going out at night. I really like the rich dark color of the matte dark brown. I think it is great for lining my eyes for a soft feathered eyeliner look, or for putting it into the outer corners of my eyes and my crease to give my eyes more depth.

Here are a couple swatches (top to bottom on the swatches is the same as left to right for the picture above)

This is in a dimmer light. You can see that some of the colors look a bit cooler.
This is in brighter yellow light.
Here is a picture I took of the palette, the picture is pretty true to color.

Do I recommend this palette?
As long as the price is acceptable for you, I think this is a great palette for travel and evening/night wear. I would not call this palette a necessity. I personally do not find it day appropriate, and I would not call this a must have. But if you are looking for a light, slim, portable palette for a fun trip out with friends where you will be partying out a lot, I recommend this palette. I think this would be perfect for me to take to Las Vegas, or any short trip to party and have some fun!

Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below!

See you later! =)

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