Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review on Poretol Pore's Care Face Massage Pack ^_^

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing Poretol's Pore's Care Face Massage Pack

This product costs about $9 US in Japan. You can find it at any Japanese drugstore or department store. The Producer is "Elizabeth" but the Brand is "Poretol", which is why you might see or hear people call it Elizabeth Poretol. It contains 65grams of product. Is is not sold on Sasa's online website, and sold for about $20 on Amazon and Ebay. If you hunt around online, there are small asian skincare stores that sell for cheaper.

This product is said to contain no pigments, no alcohols, no mineral oil. It is a very gentle exfoliating cleanser that will make your skin very smooth and soften. It is also supposed to help clean pores and get out all the dirt and oil from them. The exfoliation come from tiny pieces of the konnyaku a type of edible root very common in Japan. The cleanser also contain green tea as an antioxidant.

What do I think of this product?
When I went to Japan I was highly recommended by a close friend to buy this product. She has very sensitive skin and this exfoliating cleanser is very gentle and works very well for her. And so I bought it!
And wow, I love this product, it is amazingggg!
The cleanser does not irritate my skin. There is no fragrance added which is a plus for me, and while there is a sort of bland smell, it is not a chemical smell and does not irritate my nose. It does not lather into a foam yet still feels like a mini massage on my face!
The pieces of konnyaku are the same type of material used to make my favorite cleansing sponge. The pieces make look a little bigger and rougher than what you want, but they are actually quite spongy with a touch of firmness (the same firmness when you press on a piece of soft rubber, it bounces back). I love the exfoliating pieces, they work well to exfoliate the dead skin off my face, do not feel rough at all and don't make my skin raw or red. I have no problem using this every day when I wash my face. My face feels so nice, soft and smooth after use and I definitely want to repurchase this again!

On the pore cleansing part, to be honest I do not see much of a change in my pores. In general pore cleansing products either help dislodge and loosen pores so that when washing it is easier for the pores to be cleaned, or they contain products that soften clogged pores so they wash out more easily. I don't see myself getting any black heads, but I can still see that most of my pores have white heads. My pores are on the smaller side, so I feel it would be more difficult to wash them out. But hey, let's just say the pore cleaning did not do much for me.

FYI: Konnyaku is an edible fibrous plant root that is very common in many Japanese dishes. Women like to eat it because it is high in fiber and very low in calories so it makes you full quickly and eat less calories. It can be clear or gray with black spots and is common cooked as noodles, or small chucks and blocks in soups and stir fry. It is tasteless, so it is usually cooked with something or a sauce is added to it. I love eating this!

Do I recommend this product?
I highly recommend this product to anyone with any skin type but especially those with sensitive skin but still want to exfoliate all that dead skin that gets built up over time. This is very gentle and cleanses the face well. I know it can be difficult to find, and try to find it at a lower price than $20, but it is well worth your search!
As for cleaning pores, I cannot say, because that did not do much for me. But perhaps if you have larger pores, this may work better for you.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this was helpful to you guys! Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment box below!

Talk to you later! =D

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