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Review on N.Y.X.'s Wonder Pencils and Infinite Shadow Sticks!

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I'm reviewing quite a few products today:
-N.Y.X. Wonder Pencil in Light
-N.Y.X. Wonder Pencil in Medium
-N.Y.X. Infinite Shadow Stick in "Flushed"
-N.Y.X. Infinite Shadow Stick in "Almond"

These are a couple of the newest products from N.Y.X.!
When I got my eyebrows done, my esthetician used Anastasia's famous under eyebrow/browbone highlighter and I loved it. But I wasn't willing to pay the price. So I did a bit of research, found a possible substitute and bought a few other things too!

Note: I do have alot of pictures and swatches this time. This is due to the fact that it was rather hard for me to take good pictures of what I thought to be the right color representation of the product. Especially with shimmery colors, with so much shine, it is difficult to show the color. I hope that looking at multiple pictures will give you a better idea of how true the color is and I'm sorry if you felt it was too much or too confusing.

N.Y.X. Wonder Pencil in Light and Medium
These pencils cost $4.50 each and can be bought online at N.Y.X.'s website or at Ulta. The net weight is 0.04 oz or 1 gram. It is supposed to be used as: "concealer, eye brightener, and reverse lip liner"

What do I think of this product?
So, I bought the colors in "Light" and "Medium". Light was a little lighter than my skin tone and I chose to use it as a highlighter. Medium is closer to my skin tone, not perfect, but good enough and I chose to use it as a concealer.
"Light" worked pretty well for me! It did not irritate my skin and blended easily. I use it to highlight my browbone and it definitely gives my eyebrows a cleaner and more defined look. I don't highlight my browbone often but I will do it for special occasions. I also use it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, which brighten my eyes in the most beautiful natural way because the color is matte, not shimmery. Using it in these 2 ways, the product lasts all day for me.
I also like to use it to give a natural highlight to the bridge of my nose, to make it look taller and straighter and also on my waterline to brighten my eyes and make them look bigger. However, using the product this way, it is not that long lasting, and I need to reapply every 4-5 hours or so. I don't mind too much since I rarely highlight my nose bridge and I check up on my eyes often to clean up any gunk in the corners of my eyes, which gives me a great opportunity to reapply any makeup. Besides, it's just a pencil, very lightweight and portable!
"Medium" did not work well for me and I will return it. It did not irritate my skin, however, it did not give me a lot of coverage. It was okay in blending, but for me, it was not thick and creamy enough to pat out and blend. I tried it on my spots and dark circles and there was not much significant difference and it was difficult to build up layers. I put on more than 3 layers for my dark circles and they still looked pretty much the same.
I also think that "Medium" isn't that dark when I think of the shade "medium" for skin tone. I would consider it more of a light medium or beige color.

Here are some pictures and swatches:

I blended in half of the swatches

"Light" is above, "Medium" is below"
"Light" is above, "Medium" is below
Do I recommend this product?
As a highlighter, depending on your skin tone, I recommend this product! I think it is a wonderful matte highlight that can be excellent for natural looks, or if you like matte colors in general!
As a concealer, I do not recommend it. I think it needs more coverage, and be a little creamier and easier to blend.
It is lightweight, portable and very affordable! Last time I checked it was sold out on N.Y.X.'s website but I got it at my Ulta.

N.Y.X. Infinite Shadow Stick in "Flushed" and "Almond"

I bought these at Ulta. They cost $9 each and contain 0.19 oz or 5.27 grams of product. It is said to be waterproof, smudgeproof and lasts without creasing, flaking, or fading.

What do I think of this product?
So, I was looking for an on-the-go eyeshadow stick, something I could put on my eyes quickly when I was in a hurry and/or busy. It had to blend easily and last long.
"Flushed" is a shimmery coral beige color and "Almond" is a shimmery taupe color. Both colors are very pretty and the shimmer is not too strong so I think they are great for day and night use. "Almond" looks darker in my swatch compared to my eyes; it is not that dark on my eyes.
These shadow sticks are not as creamy and soft as the N.Y.X. Jumbo Eye Pencils but they are still pretty creamy and soft and so apply and blend well.
Because they are a little drier than the Jumbo Eye Pencils, they did last a little longer for me. However, within about 5 hours, they creased for me. =( I do have pretty oily eyelids and I use a lot of moisturizers for my skin, and the skin around eyes to prevent dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. So there is a possibility that it creased because of one or both of those things. When I swatch them on my hands, they dry quickly and do not crease or smudge easily at all. Actually, a little hard to wash off haha.
I tried using an eyeshadow primer and then using the shadow sticks and the results were significantly better. I had about a good 9 or 10 hours until there was creasing.
However, my purpose of buying these shadow sticks was for quick and easy application. When I am in a hurry and busy, I don't have the time to first put on a primer and then wait, and then use the shadow stick. I intend to use a shadow stick alone. So, these did not work for me and did not suite my purpose, therefore, I will be returning them. So sad, I was looking forward to keep and use these regularly. =(
And I am not giving up my skincare routine for this, I would rather have good moisturized skin around my eyes, than drier skin that can hold eyeshadow creams better.

Here are some pictures and swatches:

"Flush" on left, "Almond" on right

"Flush" above, "Almond" below

Do I recommend this product?
If your eyelids are not that oily, then I recommend this product as a good product to try. It is decently affordable and has many positive reviews on its longevity. They are very beautiful shadows, they just didn't work for me.

I hope that this review helped you guys! I really like N.Y.X. products because they are so affordable. Feel free to ask any questions or comments in the comment box below. Thank you for reading and I will see you later! ^_^

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