Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sasa Haul and Review! =)

Hi Everyone!

I had a small Sasa Haul that I bought 4 months ago actually....but it took time to use the products!

I don't remember what number this Sasa Haul is so I'll just name it the way it is =P

This is what I bought:
-Kai Hair Pins L (long)
-Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey Hair Mask
-Essential Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask
-My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask

The Kai Hair Pins and Essential Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask I have bought and reviewed before, so they are hyperlinked for you to read.

Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey Hair Mask
This product can be bought online on Sasa for $9.40. It contains 200mL of product. This product is supposed to prove intense hydration, strengthening, and softening to hair as well as leaving the hair feeling light and airy. It is supposed to give all moisturizing benefits for hair without weighing it down.

What do I think of this product?
I bought this product to compare it to the Essential Rich Premier Hair Mask to see if there was a different. The Nuance Airy is supposed to maintain the lightness of the hair while giving essentially the same benefits as the Rich Premier, but not weighing the hair down with heavy products.
I have finished the contain in a month. I tend to use hair masks more often during the winter since the cold and dry weather is more damaging to my hair.
The result is that I found no difference compared to the Rich Premier version. They both produce the same results for me, making my hair very soft and smooth as well as giving a lot of hydration and protection to the hair, which is good =)
But the Nuance Airy does not make my hair feel more light-weight than the Rich Premier. So in that aspect, it did not live up to what it said. But keep in mind that my hair is quite long, and perhaps because my hair is so long, that its own weight is enough to pull down my hair and nothing can keep it that light and lifted. =P

Do I recommend this product?
Despite the fact that it did not make my hair more light-weight, I recommend this product. It still has great benefits for the hair. It makes the hair really soft and silky and helps moisturize the hair.
I recommend both hair masks, they are both very good!

My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask
This product contains 5 sets of eyemasks for $8.50 online at Sasa. It is said to rehydrate the skin around the eyes and get rid of dark circles. It is also said to brighten the eye area.

What do I think of this product?
The masks are 2 paper sheets soaked with serum. The formula does not irritate or redden the skin around my eyes.
I found that this eye mask is great for de-puffying puffy eyes! If you rub your eyes too much, or if you're eyes are swollen from other irritation or crying, this will de-puff your eyes right away! It also has a cooling effect that will comfort your eyes if they are red and hot from being puffy. Also, it does a great job of hydrating the skin around my eyes and brightens them a little.
However, this eye mask does not work that well for my dark circles. That does not concern me too much, since I believe that the only way to cure dark circles is to just get plenty of sleep.

Do I recommend this product?
If you want to get rid of puffy eyes or if you want more hydration around your eyes, then I recommend this product! This reduces puffy eyes very quickly and easily!
Just a warning, I don't advise using eye masks if you have puffy eyes from: pink eye, burns, or an allergic reaction. If you have any of those, just use a cool wet towel on your eyes! Please remember than skincare products are not medical products, and may contain things that could make your skin worse. If you have any puffiness from things such as pink eye, burns, or allergic reactions please go see a doctor or dermatologist.

So I hope this post was helpful to you! Feel free to write any questions or comments in the comment box below! Thank you for reading!
I will see you soon! =)

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