Monday, January 6, 2014

Review on E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color in "Butternut" =)

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Today I am reviewing the E.L.F. eyeshadow palette: Brightening Eye Color in "Butternut"
This product can be found online at the E.L.F. store or maybe in Target. It cost $1.

What do I think of this product?
So, I bought this product 6 months ago, and I forgot to review it. =P
But I love this product! It is very inexpensive and the quality is very good! Especially for the price!
There are 4 colors which are all shimmery. The two lighter colors have a bit more shimmer than the 2 darker brown colors, but they all have shimmer. When applied, the shimmer can be seen but it is not a super bright and crazy shimmer, but it is definitely there.
All of the eyeshadows are well pigmented, smooth and easy to apply, and easy to blend. It is also buildable.
The formula does not irritate or redden the skin around my eyes.
With a primer (I always use an eyeshadow primer no matter what, so I can't testify how this is without a primer), it is very long lasting and only creases at the end of the day!
I love the natural peach and brown tones of this palette. It is great for everyday use and can be darkened with the brown colors for a more "night" look.
The case is very small and compact, great for transportation for on the go, in the purse, or traveling.
About the durability of the packaging, I cannot say, since I usually pack my stuff snug, and with no space to move around, this won't break for me.

Here are a few swatches: (from lightest to darkest shade)

Do I recommend this product?
I definitely recommend this product to anyone! For the ridiculously cheap price the quality is great! It is well pigmented, easy to blend and build up, and long lasting! This is an excellent product especially if you are new to makeup or if you want something cheap and small to use and carry around, and if it breaks or gets lost, it is monetarily not too much of a loss for you! Also good if you want to use makeup but aren't too into it and just looking for something that does the job.
The only drawback to some people would be the shimmer in the product. I personally would be very happy if one of the brown colors could be matte. Having them all be shimmery, is a bit much if you use both the light and dark colors. Usually dark colors are put in the crease or the outer "v" of the eye, and they are usually matte to create depth while shimmers are used to bring things forward and make it more 3D.
Using the brown shimmer colors in the crease or outer "v" of the eyes, may make it not as 3D or not give as much depth as matte shades would, but will still work well enough.
Therefore, if you are not a shimmer fan, then this product may not be for you. I will say that the shimmer in the darker brown colors are not as strong as the two lighter colors. The shimmer is noticeable but not super flashy or strong.

So I hope that this review was helpful to you! Feel free to write any questions or comments in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later! ^_^

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