Friday, November 1, 2013

Outfit of the Day!

Happy November everyone! =D

I hope you are having a great Friday today!

This is what I wore today, I hope you like it! (Please watch in HD! Thanks!)

As you can see, the majority of my clothes were from Yesstyle.
One of my very first videos was about Yesstyle and how to find clothes that fit with your body shape and body type.
I saw the top (both the long sleeve shirt and the sweater) on a model on Yesstyle and I could tell that the pair worked very well together. So I bought both of them.
If you are a very petite and slender person, the sweater may look too baggy on you, unless you like the very baggy look. I will emphasize on that this may look too baggy if you are a petite AND slender person.
If you are a slender person but average or taller height, I think this will look very good on you and give you a cute and casual look.

The sweater was a bit pricy: $30, but the quality was better than I expected, soft and comfortable. And like many sweaters, it has a tendency to hook onto sharp things, which I need to be more careful about =P.

The long-sleeve lace shirt was over-priced (in my opinion): $30. However, I felt that I can layer it underneath a lot of button-down shirts and blouses, and find other good uses for it.

The two-toned tights were pretty good. Like many reviews, the black part is soft and thicker than the skin-tone part. The skin-tone part is quite sheer and I have a feeling I will rip it soon, but never-the-less, very cute and comfortable.

I received many comments at work and school on the my top combination and I really love it too! XD

Have a great weekend and I will see you soon!

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