Monday, November 18, 2013

And this is why you need to becareful about buying stuff on Yesstyle =(

Hi guys!

So a long time ago, I wrote a long-ass post on Yesstyle clothes and buying clothes that fit your body type or figure.

Note: Just because you read this title does not mean I say to not buy from Yesstyle. I buy a lot of clothes from Yesstyle, as you can see in my fashion videos, and I like what I buy. This is an instance of a mistake I made.

I bought this pair of shoes.

So, we all make mistakes and this time I made a mistake of buying a pair of shoes from Yesstyle.
I felt I was pretty smart and cautious about buying clothes from Yesstyle so I thought I would be just as good with shoes as well.

No, not really. =P Luckily I did choose the right size and the shoe fit and looked cute.
But the shoe, as I expected, was not good quality. It was made from very thin material and the base of the foot was a cheap plastic mold. The small frame of the plastic mold had little support for the foot when walking. (If you know anything about a good pair of boots they are usually thicker with more stiff support around the foot and the ankle so your ankle won't wobble around as much and have a more steady and stable walk.)
However, because of the cheap plastic mold with a thin layer of fabric covering it and making the rest of the boot, this made the heel a bit wobbly to walk on.

Personally, I did not mind all of these things. I expected them to some degree and paid $35 for it. It was hard but it was not that uncomfortable and I felt it was okay.

But something happened that I did not expect, and that was this:

My right ankle (and only my right ankle, these are not both of my ankles) rubbed against the plastic mold and bled onto my shoe and sock.

 It obviously hurt when I walked on it, but I thought it was a blister (which is common for breaking in new shoes), but no, I bled.

I did write a review on it, but after this experience I think I wrote it too soon and it deserves a lower rating. But oh well, I got what I paid for and probably deserved it. =P

Sorry if you didn't like the pictures or if they bothered you. But I hope this post helps you when you are deciding whether to buy a pair of shoes from Asia or not. Of course if they are a high quality reputable brand (like Super Dry), then there should be no problem. Just becareful out there!
Thanks for reading! I will see you soon! =)

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