Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So Sorry I have not been posting recently X(

Hi guys,

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting recently.

Pre-med master applications are eating my time away from this and even away from studying!

I need to get everything done before the end of November and I really would like to get it all done halfway through November.

Thank you for staying with me, I know some of you look forward to reading my posts and are sad when nothing new shows up. Don't worry I know that feeling alot with my favorite Youtubers XP.

I will try to post as often as I can but at the moment I am very busy. T_T It's not like I want to spend that much time on them either, but it has to be done. =/

Anyway, I hope that you all have been well. =) For those of you in school, keep up the good work! And for the rest of you who aren't in school, keep up in the rest of life and don't forget to take breaks (or you will go crazy).

See you in the near future!

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