Sunday, November 24, 2013

Outfit of the Day! XD

Hi Everyone!

I went out with some of my friends today and this is what I wore:

Please watch in HD and enjoy! Thank you!

The underskirt shorts are from Yesstyle.
I find the underskirt shorts very useful. They are soft and comfortable. You can wear them under shorts for a cute lace accent, or under a skirt or a dress.
 It is great to wear in the colder months so your bum doesn't feel too cold. When the wind blows, you know no one is gonna see your panties or butt.
I like it when I sit down in class, so I don't have any part of my butt touching the seat, because I hate that feeling, especially when the seat is cold or weirdly warm.

The sweater from American Eagle was original $55. O_O
They were having a 25% off sale and I had a 25% off coupon. But the coupon said that it could not be used with anything else.
But I tried it anyway, and I got 50% off! So I got the sweater for $26!!! Muahahaha XD
The sweater is soft, but not warm has holes. =P I wore a cami from Forever21 underneath. If it gets too cold, I can wear a basic long sleeve shirt underneath as well.

The skirt from Hollister is chiffon material. I got it on sale for $12!

I think that my outfit was a little too neutral or bland. If I had a pair of maroon or dark wine-colored boots, I think it would really add some life and color to this outfit! Despite that I think this is a soft and cute look. A little girl-next-door style and definitely comfortable!

And let's not forget the dogggyyy! Juju!

Dawww she's so cute! She's my friend's dog but I get to play with her alot! =)

I hope you guys liked my outfit and it gave you some ideas. Save your money for Black Friday and have fun!

I will see you later! Thank you for reading/watching! ^_^

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