Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thank You! plus Review on "The Body Shop" Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo

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Now, today I will review "The Body Shop" Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo
This product can be found online or at the store "The Body Shop". It costs $22 and contains
10mL or 0.16 US fluid oz of producdt total. Each side contains 5mL of product.
It is supposed to brighten, refresh and revive sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes and minimize the appearance of dark circles. 

What do I think of this product?
So my previous eye cream review was on the Vitamin E eye cream also from "The Body Shop". I felt that product did not work the best for me so I decided to try another.
My friend recommended that I buy something with Vitamin C because it helps with dark circles.
So I saw this at the store and decided to get it. The price was expensive to me, but if it worked for me, it was well worth it! My dark circles were getting worse from staying up late at  night studying for my finals Q_Q.
So I have been using this product for about 3 months. And overall, I do not think it does much for me.
It has two ends. A roller ball with a serum of Vitamin C is first applied around and under the eyes after a cleanly washed face. Then a stick applicator with the eye cream is applied around and under the eyes.
I like to apply the eye cream after the refreshing serum is almost dry. I feel that more serum is absorbed first that way.
Neither the serum nor the eye cream irritate or harm my skin in any way. The skin around my eyes are thin and sensitive but they were not hurt by any product.
So the serum feels nice and cool on my skin and it does help reduce eye puffiness a little when I wake up in the morning. However, I feel that the rollerball is a little too small and I would prefer it in a larger size. It can cover more surface area in one stroke that way and with a smaller ball, it tends to not move as well.
The eye cream does moisturize my skin, but it is just as moisturizing as the Vitamin E eye cream and sometimes I still feel a little dry around my eyes and need to apply more. Over time, I did not really see a change in my dark circles or skin. My dark circles did not look less dark or reduced and my skin did not look brighter.
What I disliked most about this product was the packaging or applicator stick of the eye cream. Using this applicator I know I will never ever be able to get out and use all of the product in the little bottle. Which is a waste of money. And now that I am near the end of its use, the applicator does not have much product so I have to reinsert it more than a few times to get the amount of product I need.
A recap of my thoughts: this product did not work for me and I probably should not have bought it because I will never be able to use up all of the product which is a waste of my money.

Do I recommend this product?
I do not recommend this product. Mainly because it is quite expensive and the applicator eye stick does not allow maximum use of all of the eye cream in the little bottle. About the properties and benefits of this product, I am doubtful because it did not work for me. Perhaps if you have less severe dark circles or different skin, it may work for you, but I cannot guarantee anything.
The only good thing is that it does not irritate or harm the sensitive skin around my eyes. However, there are other "The Body Shop" eye creams and other eye creams out there that will provide the same benefit.
The only thing I can see this product for is an expensive travel dual eye serum and eye cream because it does save the space of one extra product. But even that is not worth it alone. =P

So a bit of a sad review, because this product didn't work well for me. But I hope it is informative for those of you looking for eye creams to buy! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment in the comment box below. Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you later! ^_^

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