Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review on Laneige BB Cushion Sample Pack

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing a sample pack of the much heard-about and popular Laneige BB Cushion!

The Laneige BB Cushion is sold at Target for $35. It has SPF 50+ and is said to brighten, protect, moisturize, prevent shine and is long-lasting.

What do I think of this product?
I wanted to get a BB cushion because I found out my favorite Missha BB cream was running out! XO And I wanted to get a BB cream that was fast and easy to use and portable since I'm moving to the East Coast. I heard a lot of good things about this product but wanted to try the samples first before purchasing.

Note: Please remember, that this is not a full-size product review. This is a sample review, which I used for 1 day! Thanks!

This sample pack came with 3 samples of each color and a mini sponge.
I love the sponge! The texture is very smooth, soft, and bouncy! It feels great on my skin! It does apply the product evenly and quickly. However, that was pretty much it for me. =P
Unfortunately, the color "Light" was a little too light for me and the color "Medium" was a little too dark for me. So, I'm probably in between those 2 colors.
Another issue was that after BB cream application, it made some of my flaws stand out. Some of my skin is rather thin, so I have tiny bumps around my mouth area where the tiny hair follicles grow, and it made those bumps stand out, in a very obvious and unflattering way. =/
Also, while it did cover my pores well and give me an even complexion without looking too oily, when I touched my face, it felt sticky. And when I do touch my face, some product is left on my hands. This is a no no for me. I can't have any foundation or BB cream accidentally rubbing off on things, like if I kiss or hug people. I also hate it when I touch my face and it feels sticky, gross.

I really wanted to love this product and make it work. But the most important thing standing in my way is the color. None of them match my skin color, so that already turned me down. If I do find a BB cushion that has my skin color but may not initially work for me, I will definitely try to make it work.

Images below:

the dark blue side is where you apply the product

this is the color "Light"

top to bottom: light, medium, dark
top to bottom: light, medium, dark
top to bottom: light, medium, dark

left to right: light, medium, dark
I hope these images give you a good idea of what the cushion and color shades look like if you are interested in purchasing this product.

Things that I cannot tell you are:
-if it breaks me out, b/c that is determined by long-wear use
-if it oxidizes
-if it really brightens the skin and/or keeps it moisturized
-how oil proof is it?
-how long lasting is it? (Use of only half a day is not enough information for me. I would need to apply it in the morning and see how it is throughout the whole day.)

Do I recommend this product?
Honestly, this is up to you. I only reviewed a sample pack so I do not think there is enough information for a recommendation. However, if your skin color is similar to mine, you may not want to purchase it because the shade is either too light or too dark for you.
I have heard many positive reviews about this product, so if you really want to try it, I say go for it. It just didn't work out for me.

Despite the short review, I hope that this was helpful to you to a certain extent! Feel free to ask any questions or comment in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading and I will see you later! =)

A few other things holding me back from buying the popular Innisfree and Etude House BB cushions are:
1) The amount of product, I've heard is not a lot, and if someone is going to use this often, it may be used up quickly and get drier with every use (since you're opening up the compact and exposing it to air, which causes evaporation)
2)The application cushion, I've heard is difficult to clean and that it is not very sanitary since it is being exposed to the air and your face and you do have to press it into the cushion more than once during application.
While you may be the only person using it, and you may use it after cleansing your face. It is still exposed to the air (and most likely your bathroom air) and if you are doing touch-ups, then your face is already exposed to the air outside and I would no longer consider that clean.
3) Price, for the amount of product in the cushion sponge, I am hesitant to spend $20-$40. Because I feel like I'm paying more for the packaging and container, than the product. =/

UPDATE 7/14/14 (but not on this product): I recently went to the The Face Shop store in Zion Market to try their cushion foundation. (The lady at the store corrected me, they don't sell BB cream cushion, they sell cushion foundation). The darkest of the 2 shades is too dark for me. =/ Bummer, so won't be buying that. I also asked her how to clean the sponge, and she said it was best to repurchase a new one, which isn't really what I was looking for. =P

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