Saturday, June 14, 2014

Outfits of the Weekend!

Hi Everyone!

Check out what I wore a couple weekends ago!
Please watch in HD! Thank you.

These are a few outfits I wore out over the weekend. Not this weekend of course, but a couple of weeks back.

Summer is here! Time to break out into strapless tops, cute skirts and fun dresses!

I hope that you enjoyed my looks!

1) Friday
Classy and confident. I wore this going out to Karaoke with friends.
A bright pop of red with minimal accessories and toned down with the jeans. It's the same theory as wearing a bright red lip color, keep everything else toned down and you will always catch attention in the most tasteful ways.

Simple and minimalist. I pulled out an old trick, matching my purse with my shoes. The bright teal is eye-catching enough on its own, it doesn't really need anything else. The A-line cut is very flattering on my figure. I received many compliments when I was out.

Sweet and gentle. This is a soft and feminine look. It is not as strong and bold as the previous 2 outfits and has not only softer colors but softer textures as well. Notice while I am wearing pink for the top and the skirt, I chose more muted colors that would compliment each other. This is actually the most comfortable outfit of the 3. =P

By the way, not sure if you noticed. But for my strapless outfits, I did wear a bra. I prefer to use clear halter strap bras. It's not that the clothes were not fitted well or loose (they are actually very snug and need some patience to take off!). I just prefer to be safe than sorry, and the extra support from the halter strap means I don't need to worry about a strapless bra slipping lower when I move around!

My favorite was the teal dress. I chose the front driveway to film because it was just so beautiful!
Just too beautiful! XD (well, that's actually my neighbor's driveway over there, but I wanted the picture of the grass =P)

Thank you for watching and see you later!

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