Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Got my eyebrows done! XD

Hi guys!

lol, if you want to know, I got my eyebrows done today!

They look so nice and clean! And, my skin does not look like this in real life, fyi, it's just good lighting.

Applause to my best and most favorite esthetician in the world! Ariel!

Here is her Yelp review!

She is a pro! If you live in Southern California, you should definitely book an appointment with her!

I am so sad to leave her and my hair stylist. Both who I trust 100% with my eyebrows and hair, respectively, and who do exactly what I want them to do!

I've been waiting for a month to get my brows done. They had become such a wild mess! (if you didn't notice, that is because of the power of the eyebrow powder! lol) I wanted to get them done as late as possible so I could maintain them in as long as possible after I move to the East Coast!
I will probably fly back during winter break to get my brows done and a haircut =P

Talk to you guys later!

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