Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review on the Sephora Microsmooth Eyeshadow Trio Palette in Ultraviolet Poppy Purple

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Today I am reviewing the Sephora Microsmooth Eyeshadow Trio Palette in 06 Ultraviolet Poppy Purple
This product cost $19 but some colors are currently on sale for $7! It can be bought at the Sephora store or their online store.

What do I think of this product?
So, I find it hard to find good pigmented purple colors. Especially ones that will show a good purple color on this skin. Because most of the time I find purple eyeshadows to either be not very pigmented or the color is a little different on my skin compared to the eyeshadow alone.
I decided to just try this one out and see how it would do. It was a little pricy but I was in a what-the-heck (I don't care) mode.
There are 3 cool purple colors. They all have a soft shimmer to them.
The lightest color is a very pale lavender color and sometimes looks like it has a bit of pink in it. It is very shiny and tends to look more white on my skin, however, there is still a bit of a lavender sheen.
The middle color is (what I think) a light cool purple color. I would not call the middle color a standard purple because it seems lighter than the standard purple color and is more like a lilac purple. It is quite vivid and shiny on my skin.
The darkest color is a very very dark purple color which tends to look more black on my skin than purple. The shimmer of the darkest purple is there when I apply it onto my skin but not very noticeable.
At first I was a bit disappointed (but expecting this). It was not very pigmented on my eyelids when I brushed it on my eyes and the color on my lids was okay but not as true as I wanted it to be. Nevertheless, the eyeshadows are indeed very soft and easy to blend.
However, one day I just decided to pat the eyeshadow on (instead of brushing it or sweeping it on my eyes) and wow! What a difference! The colors instantly became more vibrant, and pigmented. The colors looked a lot better on my eyelids and they were bright and bold. By the way I always use an eyelid primer when I apply eyeshadows unless it is a cream eyeshadow.
So I have discovered that the colors turn out best on eyes that are primed with eyelid primer and patted on. After patting the colors on I can later use a blending brush to blend colors or soften hard edges.
I think this palette is great for night looks, especially if you want to use a lot of color and make them very strong and pigmented. It is possible for a day look, I just probably would not use a lot of eyeshadow (especially not a lot of the middle color) and feather out the colors to make sure they look soft.

Do I recommend this product?
 If you do not mind the price, then I think this is a good product to try. I am not sure about the other trio colors by Sephora because I did not buy or use them. However, I have generally heard pretty good reviews. If you are going to purchase this product, try patting the eyeshadow on instead of sweeping the color onto your eyes and you will get a better color payoff and pigmentation. Also, I highly recommend an eyelid primer, Too Faced and Urban Decay have good eyelid primers.

 Here are some swatches:

 These 2 pictures above are in indirect light, as if you were indoors.

These 2 pictures above are in direct light, as if you were outside.

So I hope that this review was helpful or interesting to you. Feel free to ask questions or post comments in the comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a great day!