Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Outfit of the Day! =)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have  been well!
I have finally finished updating all the skincare product I used from my Chrono Affection Sampler pack (if you would like to check it out)!

Here is a video of what I wore today. =)
I wore the hat during the day, and then in the evening when it got colder, I switched the hat for the red sweater.

Cami: Forever21
Sweater: abercrombie kids
(Yes, I buy kids clothes =P)
Skirt: Yesstyle
Hat: Yesstyle
Shoes: White Mountain (sold by DSW)

Here is another shot of the booties I wore:
I luv these shoes! So much! XD
They are sold at DSW shoes for $65, but I had a $20 discount coupon so I got it for $45.
Cute suede leather shoes! Despite how tall they look, they are actually quite sturdy, supportive, and comfortable.
The tan color is great for spring and fall. And it gives a warmer look during the winter.

If the weather is colder feel free to wear leggings (I have a nice fleece-lined pair myself!) or jeggings if you like to wear those.
The skirt from Yesstyle is elastic and made from a knit material. It is very soft, and warmer and thicker than most skirts.
The hat from Yesstyle is quite soft and warm. It does not have an elastic band but it happens to fit my head very well.
I wear abercrombie kids size large usually, I like to buy kids clothes because they are usually cheaper =P.

Hooray for dark circles....Q-Q...

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