Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outfit of the Day! =)

Hi Everyone!

This is what I wore today =).

The two pictures look almost identical, but I realized my hair was blocking the whole body image, so I took another. XP
I'm sorry if I'm looking a bit awkward =P. One of my neighbors walked by and I just stiffened up and got kind of shy, haha. I'm more used to taking pictures in a private area, like my own front or backyard. Not in public places.....hopefully my landlord doesn't mind....=P

I actually then thought about it, and decided to tuck the top in and it looked like this (but I didn't wear it like this today):
You can tell that this makes me look much skinnier (not that I need to, I feel like a little unhealthily skinny like this)
Nevertheless, I do think that it does look a little more presentable tucked in, or fitted...well..this is fitted, but how do I say, more structured?

What do you think? Which look do you prefer? =)
Personally I like what I wore today (not tucked in), just because I'm a more laidback person (lazy) and I don't like that constricted feeling of a tucked-in shirt. It's more formal and presentable and much more common on the East Coast than California in the US, but I guess I'm not that used to it =P. Though I'm trying. As a future health professional, I do have to tuck in shirts at work and even now at school, haha.

Top: Uniqlo heat-tec turtleneck
Necklace: Swarovski (gift)
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Uniqlo
Wedges: BCBG

Here are a few close ups of the outfit:

Very pretty necklace that was a gift from a family member. It comes with two kinds of cords/chains. One is the black cord and the other is a silver chain. I think the black cord makes this outfit more sophisticated and subtlety beautiful. ^_^
Overall, I think this is a good outfit for those of you who don't like to wear or match colorful outfits, or colorful things are just not your thing. I understand that very well. I wore black for most of my life because I didn't know how to wear color, patterns, and textures, and I did not feel comfortable with them initially.
I personally would have worn dark-red tights. I believe that it would give this outfit a warmer color (not as cold). But I don't have dark-red tights or anything like that, so =P. I wanted to have some sort of color so I chose a navy blue. It actually looks black most of the time, until there's enough light to actually see that it's navy.

So I hope that you liked this outfit and it gave you some ideas! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comment box below! Thank you for reading! I will see you later!

You should checkout Uniqlo's heat-tec clothing. I really recommend them! They are relatively affordable, the material is soft, stretchy, easy to wash, light, thin, breathable and keeps you warm. Because it's thin, it's easy to layer on clothes as well! (I am not sponsored by Uniqlo fyi, I just really like their stuff). Today I only wore this top (no cami underneath) and a fall jacket, and I was fine for the whole day!
Also, I'll be MIA for a bit. I have 2 exams next week a few days apart from each other. I'm used to taking an exam every two weeks. But these are 2 exams after 3 weeks of class, so it'll be a bit rough. X(
Also, my hair has grown! I don't know if it's the environment or weather here. Or maybe I'm studying so much that all the blood and nutrients is going to my head, haha, but it has grown so fast! I cut my hair in march, and it's been 7 months since then, and I've gotten a trim in between and 7 months is still a long time, but...I don't know, it feels like it's grown so fast! =P
Anyway. Gotta go sleep! Bye!

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