Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review on "The Face Shop" My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint ;)

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing "The Face Shop's" My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint
02 "Juicy Red" (Left) & 01 "Juicy Cherry" (Right)
I bought this in a "The Face Shop" store in California for about $9. It contains 9g or 0.17 oz. I believe that you can also buy this online.

What do I think of this product?
So, when I bought this lip tint this summer, there were 3 colors available. Currently, there seems to be 2 colors now in stock, perhaps the 3rd color did not do as well and they took it off the shelves, I don't know. Anyway, I bought the lighter of the 2 colors, which according to the website is 02 "Juicy Red" and the darker color is 01 "Juicy Cherry". However, there is no number on the product itself and I threw away the box a long time ago, and don't remember if the number was on it. The issue is that online the numbers and names seem to be a bit mixed up in different pictures and online stores, just to let you know. =P

Anyway, I was looking for a good lip tint. I don't have a lot of lip products and I usually don't like them. I especially dislike lip glosses, because I don't like any stickiness on my lips and I also have a habit of licking my lips and tend to lick off products. (Though, that's my problem haha).
I tried these at the store and also tried on another more popular product which I will do a small description on at the end of this post why I chose this one over the more popular one. =)

Overall, one of my most favorite lip products! Keep in mind, it is a stain, you can have a solid color on your lips but it will not give that very deep and opaque look that a lipstick gives. It gives a nice stain to my lips, and the color is very buildable. I can go from soft natural flushed color to a vibrant bold tomato red color. I like it because the red is not too deep and dark and I think it is great for younger people. It is very long lasting, especially after I build up layers, I can eat, drink, and even kiss someone with no transfer. When I wipe my mouth after I eat, a little color gets on the napkin, but  if I check my lips in the mirror, they don't look much different and I usually don't need to reapply.

It is an aqua tint, so it is water based. Therefore, if you put vaseline (or any lip balm with oils and waxes) on your lips and then put this on top, the product will not stick or stay on your lips, because it won't adhere to the vaseline. It's like mixing water with oil, they don't mix or dissolve into each other. Basic chemistry, like dissolves like, polar goes with polar molecules and non-polar with non-polar. For those of you who don't know, water is polar. I would recommend to make sure to hydrate your lips over night or before you use this lip tint and then wash it off and apply the color.
Also, this can dry out your lips a little, so again, good to hydrate your lips beforehand.
Finally, make sure your lips are smooth and well exfoliated before use otherwise it looks really ugly, when pieces of skin and cracked skin gets a deeper color than the rest of your lips and it is really obvious and easy to see.
Despite some of these drawbacks, if you have a habit of exfoliating your lips and making sure they're well moisturized, then I don't really see a problem with it. =)

Here are a few pictures of me wearing the lip tint. I don't have a picture of my bare lips now, because I've been using this so often that my lips are almost permanently stained =P, haha, I told you, it's long lasting.
by the way, thanks to not being in CA anymore (and I use sunscreen everyday) my skin has become so pale....and it's cold here...>.<
red lips make your teeth look whiter! lol
I think this color is great for all year around, but I love it during the fall, I think it goes well with warmer eye make up and make me not look like a tired half-alive pre-med grad student =P

So I tried on another version, this one is the cream based version called "Artist Finger Gloss"
The reason why I did not buy this was first, it was more expensive. It was about $21. Also, it felt sticky on my lips to me. It may be hydrating/non-drying, but I hate sticky lips more than I hate dry lips, so. =P
I'm not sure if I'm not used to it or if I'm just picky, but if you wanted to try the cream version, this one is quite popular and comes in many colors.

Do I recommend this product?
If you like aqua tints, like Benefit's famous tints, and you are looking for something long-lasting, with a buildable range of color depth, I recommend this product.
As I have said before, just make sure your lips are smooth and well hydrated before use, and it will work great! I also recommend this lip tint for younger persons wanting to wear a red lip color, especially a brighter and more bold color. I think that a suitable cherry or tomato red color that is not too dark or deep, can give you a really bright and refreshed look, and makes your teeth look whiter XD.

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