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Review on NYX Glam Eyes, Matte, and single eyeshadows!!! =D

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Today I am reviewing a NYX eyeshadow haul that I bought a couple months ago and have been using since then!
All the NYX products I bought were single eyeshadows and cost $4.50 each from the N.Y.X. online website. I also got a free gift from them! Surprise! =P

The eyeshadows that I purchased were:
- Nude Matte: "Maybe Later" NMS04
- Nude Matte: "Lap Dance" NMS 20
- Glam Shadow: "Fairy" GS02
- "Skin Tight" ES50A
- "My Favorite Color" ES149
- "Taupe" ES04

Note: Please keep in mind because some of these are natural colors, they may complement or contrast with your skin color. Therefore, skin color is an important factor to consider when buying natural color eyeshadows.

And swatches will be shown near the end of the post!

What do I think of these eyeshadows?

Nude Matte: "Maybe Later"
This shadow is a matte brown color. It is a warm-toned brown that I would say is in between a light and medium brown shade.

The color on my eyelids is pretty true to color as in the pan. I find this shadow to be very pigmented, long lasting, does not crease easily and is smooth and easy to blend. I really like to use this shadow in my crease. It helps create some depth but is not as intense as darker colors like a dark brown or black. I also like to use it to blend the outer edges of my other eyeshadows on my eye if they are stronger or vivid colors. I have used this most of my summer because it it such a natural and versatile shade that I can wear anytime!
If you do use this eyeshadow, start off with a little and build it. As I said, it is very pigmented, so a little can go a long way!

Nude Matte: "Lap Dance"
This shadow is a very pale peach-pink matte color.

The color on my eyelids actually looks more white than pink as seen in the pan. However, I don't mind much. The eyeshadow is not very pigmented to me and I need to build up layers to get good pigmentation, probably more layers than I would like. Despite this, I like to use this as a very natural highlight on my brown bone (under my eyebrows), to the balls of my eyelids, and to the inner corners of my eyes.
Please remember that this is not very pigmented, and you may see no difference after application and may need to build up color. Also, if you are of fairskin, this could be a good overall eyeshadow over your eyelids to cover up veins, and areas of redness or darkness.
And finally, I find the name..weird....and yeah, not appropriate? But whatever, it's just a name.

Glam Shadow: "Fairy"
This shadow is a very very sparkly pale pink color. It has large white flecks of sparkles.

The color on my skin looks more like a very sparkly white than a pink. But also, I do not mind. The sparkle is quite strong, it is much more reflective than a shimmer eyeshadow. I think that this eyeshadow is pretty pigmented, and a little goes a long way. This is a great shadow for me to put all the ball of my eyelids or the inner corner of my eyes for a night out. I would not recommend this during the day, because the sparkles are very strong! However, for a night out, this is a great shadow to use to give your eyes some extra sparkle.

"Skin Tight"
This shadow is a strong shimmery coral-orange color. It is shimmery warm toned color.
(I am sorry if it looks more yellow in the picture, but in the pan it is definitely more orange in color)

The color on my skin is pretty true to color in the pan. I like to use this as an overall lid color for day use if I want shimmer on my eyes. The shimmer may be too strong for day use, however, it is pretty pigmented, so if I use only a little the shimmer won't be too strong during the day.
I think this can be a great day to night color. A little for the day, and put a little more for a more intense shimmer at night.

"My Favorite Color"
This is a light taupe color with large sparkle flecks with a slightly pink undertone.

The eyeshadow color on my skin is somewhat true to color in the pan. Currently I am more tanned now because of summer, so the eyeshadow is a bit lighter on my eyes, but it is fine besides that. Despite the name, this is not my favorite color of the haul. It is probably my least favorite of everything I bought. =P I do not find this color to be that pigmented. I do need to build up layers. However, it is smooth and easy to apply and blend. I am a little unsure about the large sparkles in the eyeshadow. I find it a little distracting???... because I usually like to use taupes that are more natural and less sparkly for everyday use.
However, I don't think it's a bad color. I am just not used to something like this. I do use it as an overall lid shade and the color (besides the sparkles) is pretty natural and good at covering the veins on my eyelids. However, I do not use this often because I'm not used to the large sparkles and if I lost this eyeshadow, I would not care that much. =P
But if you are a person who does like sparkly taupes, then this may be the color for you!

This shadow is a satin light taupe color with a slightly yellow undertone.

The color on my skin is pretty true to the color in the pan and is also very close to my skin color. Of all the eyeshadows I bought, this is probably my most favorite! =) The shadow is pretty pigmented and I don't need a lot. This taupe is great for everyday use. For a clean and natural look, I can just use this all over my lid. The satin finish gives a soft reflective light to my eyes so they look brighter and more awake but is not as obvious and intense as a shimmer or sparkly eyeshadow. It is also great for covering up the veins on my eyelids.

Do I recommend these eyeshadow?
Overall, I think that these colors are pretty good and they are easy to apply, build, and blend.My favorites are "Maybe Later" and "Taupe". I like them for their natural colors as well as their pigmentation.
If you do not like not very pigmented colors, then I do not recommend "Lap Dance" or "My Favorite Color".
However, the rest is kind of up to you. Colors and the amount of shimmer depends on a person's preferences. Just keep in mind that these colors can look good or bad or may appear very different depending on your skin tone and skin color.
For more color reference, you can always go to the N.Y.X. website to see their pictures and swatches of the color.

Here are the swatches!
(Note: I will try to portray all the pictures as true to color as possible and I will explain otherwise if they are not.)

I understand that the colors are hard to see, especially the more natural looking ones. I am sorry. I tried my best. =( However, you an see that "Maybe Later" is very pigmented, "Lap Dance" is very hard to see because it is so sheer and not pigmented. I hope that you can also compare "My Favorite Color" and "Taupe" and see the large sparkles in "My Favorite Color" but not in "Taupe"

This is just a close up of the colors. I know they are are to see. I'm sorry. =( Some of them are very similar to my skin color so I can use them for natural makeup looks.
These swatches are done on a cotton pad. The cotton pad is able to show the eyeshadow in its most pigmented form. Of course no one's skin is pure white. However, this is just an extra picture for you for reference.
And don't forget the free gift! Ooooo.....XP. Haha
I got a travel size makeup case/bag which has a lot of slots for brushes, and a pouch.

Wow, that was a long post. Yeah, sorry if it was a bit much. But a lot of space was taken up by pictures, so I hope it was not that bad.
I hope that this review was helpful to you! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below. =)
Thank you for reading and I will see you later! Good night!

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