Friday, July 26, 2013

Review on CHI Haircare and Styling Trial/Travel-size Set

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing a travel size set of hair products from CHI. I was not buying it to travel with but more to try out the products to find out if I liked them or not before buying the full sizes!

This set cost me $15 at TJ-Max. There were 4 products in the package including a description manual that was wayyy too long and detailed for my eyes. =P

-CHI infra shampoo (
Directions: apply a nickle size into wet hair and work evenly from scalp to hair ends, rinse and repeate if desired
-CHI infra treatment 
Directions: after shampooing, apply a generous amount into wet hair evenly, leave on hair for 2-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly
-CHI silk infusion
Directions: apply a small amount and work through hair evenly, leave in a proceed with styling
-CHI 44 iron guard spray
Directions: section hair and spray evenly over dry hair and then follow with your desired heat tool

What do I think of these products?
CHI infra shampoo and CHI infra treatment
So I tried these two product in conjunction with each other, because it is recommended. Unfortunately I had to stop only after 2 days of use because I got an allergic skin reaction from using them. =(
But first, before talking about the skin problem, let's talk about the product. The CHI infra shampoo is said to gently cleanse the hair and correct the moisture balance of the hair and scalp. It is fortified with proteins to strengthen the hair.
Even though I only used these products for 2 days. The infra shampoo felt like an average normal shampoo with no special benefits. Yes, it cleaned my hair but I didn't feel anything unique or special from it.
After I used this shampoo, I used the infra treatment, which is said to moisturize the hair, reconstruction the inner structure of the hair and improve the hair's strength and elasticity. So after using it for a couple of days, I felt it did not moisturize my hair much. It tends to make my hair a little sticky and I feel that it makes my hair more tangled after showering when I brush my hair. O_o....
So about the allergic reaction, after using both of these products for a couple of days (and not using anything else different or new), my scalp started to feel itchy. And soon the itchiness spread to the back of my neck, my shoulders, my upper back and also I got slightly painful, itchy and swollen hands. Be aware that these areas are the areas where my skin is in contact with the infra shampoo and infra treatment on my hair. So, I think I can reasonably assume that my skin reaction was from one of these or both of these products.
Sorry for writing a review of these products that I only used for 2 days, but I did not want to use it afterwards, and even after stopping for a few days, I am still itchy and still on antihistamines. =/

CHI silk infusion
So I have actually already written a review on this product and you can click on this link for a more complete and detailed review.
Overall, I love this product. I like to use it as my heat protectant on dry hair before I straighten or curl my hair. It does not irritate my skin, smells wonderful, and makes my hair silky, shiny, and smooth!!
I always buy and use the travel size because this is a very intense stay on hair oil/conditioner and I only need less than a quarter-size amount for my long hair.
Also, I recommend that you use this only on the ends or lower half of your hair. Applying it on your head can give your hair an oily appearance, especially if you tend to product a lot of oils like me.

CHI 44 iron guard spray
So, to be honest I have not used or tried this product. The reason I have not is because I have used it on others when I do their hair (because they own the product) and I do not like it.
I actually have doubts if this actually protects hair from heat tools. I realize that if I spray too much by section, it tends to make the hair very sticky and easily tangled. However, if I don't spray enough, it does not protect the hair from heat, and the hair will still get dried out.
Also, I do not like the smell of this product. It smells kind of sharp and painful to me.
If you are going to use this product, don't spray a lot and maybe don't spray onto very dry hair, have it barely damp, spray, and brush out evenly, and maybe it won't make your hair sticky or tangled.

Do I recommend any of these products?
So, of all the products, I only highly recommend CHI silk infusion. This product I know will help protect hair from hot tools, and help make your hair silky, shiny, and soft.
The three other products, I am unsure about, especially since I do not think that they do much for the hair or have significant improvement, and that they might possibly make your hair more tangled and sticky. (I have heard a variety of reviews on the infra shampoo and infra treatment and people either hate it or love it, and even though it is said to work for all hair types, this does not seem the case) Therefore I do not recommend CHI infra shampoo, infra treatment, and the 44 iron guard spray and I think you can find something better.

I hope that you found this review helpful! Thank you for being patient and staying with me, I know that I have not be as up to date with my blogging as I usually am, but I will speed up once the mcat is done!
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading and have a great day! =D

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