Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review on MAC Lipstick "Blankety"

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Today I am going to review the MAC lipstick "Blankety"!
This product costs $15-$18 at the MAC store or the MAC online store.

What do I think of this product?
So, I have been looking for a good nude lipstick for some time now. And I find it difficult to find a nude lipstick that goes well with an Asian skin tone, since it is more yellow based but it can be pale or tanned. I have tried some drugstore nude lipsticks however they are usually too pale or too pink based and make me look like a sick or dead person. =P
I did a bit of research online and I heard that a few of MAC's nude lipsticks worked pretty well with the Asian skin tone and I went to the MAC store (w/ my bf as a judge of course XP) to try them.
"Blankety" was the lipstick I chose and I think it is a beautiful beautiful nude lip for my skin color and I encourage others (to go to the MAC store) and try it who have similar skin colors or tones as I. By the way, this is my first MAC product ever!! Haha. But I won't get hooked onto MAC, generally too expensive for my tastes. I will show pictures down below and the swatches seem to make the lipstick look very dark and not nude at all. However, on my lips, probably because my natural lip color is more pink and darker than my skin, the color looks nude.
The lipstick formula does not irritate my skin and is soft and creamy. I think it is pretty long lasting and keeps my lips moisturized! Which is great, I hate lipsticks that dry my lips out. =P However, this lipstick does have a fragrance. It is a sweet fragrance, kind of reminds me of candy or sugar or something. I don't really like fragrances, but the smell is not that strong or long lasting so I am okay with it.
I love to wear this nude lip along with strong and dark eye makeup for clubbing or going out on a night with friends. The nude color does a great job of balancing out the intensity of my eyeshadows. I also like to use this nude lip to create the now-very popular Korean lip gradient of pink or red on the inner parts of the lip and fading into a nude color at the outer edges of the lip.
Overall I am very happy that I bought this product. And because I don't wear lipstick in general and I will only wear this for certain looks, this lipstick will last a long time for me. It works well with my skin color, is creamy and long lasting!

Here are some pictures and swatches:

So, looking at the first 3 pictures (swatches) you can see that the lipcolor seems to look very dark, almost a more beige or mauve color. However, please keep in mind that the skin on my arms is more tanned and yellow than on my hand and lips.

Swatch on my hand in the light, it looks lighter than the swatches on my arm down below.

 These swatches on my arm make the lip color look very dark.

Natural lip color with no product

One layer of lipstick

Two layers of lipstick

"Blankety" lip color with a pink color on top, closer to the inner lining of the lips.
Looking at the 4 lip pictures above. You can see that compared to my natural lip color, "Blankety" definitely gives me a nude lip color. However, it does not make me look like I am anemic or deathly ill =P.
I am more tanned during the summer, so when my tan fades, this lip color looks even better.
Also, I am not wearing foundation or concealer in these pictures, so with foundation and/or concealer on, the nude lip would not stand out as much or be as strong. Nude lips look best with foundation and/or concealer on because it gives a more even complexion without any darkness or redness.

Do I recommend this product?
While this product may be pricy, I think it is well worth it to find a great nude lip that suites one's skin tone and color. Nude lips are very hard to rock and most people do it wrong because their lip color just doesn't suite their skin tone. And it is also very hard to find a good nude lip color for each person. Because each person's skin tone varies, I recommend this product to try at the MAC store for Asian people or people with a similar skin color and tone as mine. I emphasize to try at the MAC store because it saves money and sometimes people are a little too eager to hurry and buy the product online when they don't know if it works for them or not.

So I hope this review was helpful to you! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later! =D

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