Monday, July 8, 2013

Outfit of the Day! (Saturday =P)

Hiiiii Everyone!

I'm so sorry. I've been a bad person. >.< I'm totally off my plan of what I wanted to blog and post so far this summer!

Sorry!!! =(

Here's something that I wore when I went out shopping on Saturday. I hope you enjoy the video and like the look!

Please watch in HD and forgive my camera! XO

The weather was warm and sunny and black is usually not a good choice for hot weather and if I could find this dress in a bright blue color or something more vibrant, I would have gotten it instead!
But anyway, very soft and comfortable dress but still definitely shows my femininity. =P

Dressing up doesn't have to be complicated and flashy to be noticeable and beautiful. =)

 Feel free to dress wherever in your comfort zone but play it smart.

I wore a simple black maxi dress paired with my black wedged straps and my Fendi purse. 
High heels or wedges give me a more sophisticated look and prevent me from tripping on my dress. XP

The dark straps and detail on the Fendi match the colors of the sandal straps and my dress and the beige color of the bag goes with the tan color of my wedges.

I'm not a big jewelry person and I like to keep it simple. So a nice watch and a small pendant. You of course can go bigger on the necklace, but I don't really own a lot of long or big necklaces.

Thank you for watching! I will see you soon!

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