Friday, September 28, 2012

Review on Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream 48hr Effects!

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I just came back from my night shift, yay! =P

So when I went to Hawaii it was hot and a bit humid. However, my hands and feet became very dry and rough. =(
This was because of constant exposure to the sun, stepping on very hot dry sand, swimming in the salty ocean (which is saltier than southern California), and taking more showers than often because of the humidity and after swimming at the beach.

When I came back to California, the weather was just as hot but drier, which made my skin even worse. My normal moisturizers could not help my skin so I went out to buy an intense moisturizer.

This is the Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream 48 Hr Effects:

This product costs about $5 and contains 1.7 oz or 48 grams of product. You can find this product at any drugstore including Walgreens, CVS, Target and online such as Amazon.
On the Nivea scale of light to rich, it is the richest moisturizer possible. It is infused with Provitamin B5 to provide improvement for soft, smooth skin.

What do I think of this product?
This moisturizers is very creamy and rich. My dry skin absorbed it pretty well and I felt instant relief from my rough, stretched, cracking skin. I use this on my hands and feet, but I'm sure I can use this anywhere on my body (not face!) if it is very dry and rough. My fingers and toes felt that they could move so much more smoothly without feeling the dry skin pulling and cracking! I like to put it on after I take a shower in the morning, when my hands and feet are clean and it is a great moisturizer after the shower has stripped off all the old skin oil, dirt, and grease.
I don't know if it lasts for 48 hours because I take a shower everyday and after that I use this moisturizer, so I only have it on for around 24 hours. However, it is very very long lasting and skin feels soft and smooth all day!
Gradually, my hands and feet didn't feel as dry and rough as they used to and now they're feeling great and normal again! =D

Do I recommend this product?
If you have really dry, rough skin that is painful to stretch, then, yes, I recommend this product! It is an affordable, easy to find, excellent product for very dry skin. I would not recommend this for the face because it does not say you can, it says it is for the hands. If you put it on your face, it might be too strong of a moisturizer and clog your pores. But I think it works well for the entire body if you need it. I have also heard that this is great for pregnant women, for their bellies when their skin is being stretched at it gets painful and dry!
This is also great if you live in a very dry and windy environment or during the winter when the air gets colder and drier and your hands and feet get really rough and dry.

So I hope you liked this post! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below. =) Thank you for reading, good night and I will see you later!

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