Thursday, January 1, 2015

Review on L'Occitane 10% Shea Butter Whipped Body Cream!

Hi Everyone! It is 2015 =D

Today I am reviewing L'Occitane's 10% Shea Butter Whipped Body Cream
This can be bought in stores or online for $24. It contains 125mL or 2.46 oz of product. (I think I got it on sale for $20)

What do I think of this product?
As winter progresses, my skin gets dryer and so I was looking for a good body cream. I don't like thick, or heavy body creams. I want something usually that is easy to apply and spread out and fast absorbing.
In this case I was also looking for one that didn't have a fragrance, or if it did have a fragrance, it would be its natural fragrance, no fragrance added. This cream would be something I would wear to see patients or attend a patient and physician panel. Patients are usually weaker and more sensitive to fragrances and do no like the smell of fragrances. (I'm sure if you were sick in bed, you probably wouldn't want to smell some strong perfume scent either). So this is to just be respectful and mindful towards them. Especially cancer patients, ICU patients, and other critical care patients, it is very important to not irritate their senses when their bodies are so weak.
First, I would like to say how light this container felt to me. When I picked it up, I was like.....O_o, what? Feels like nothing? Are they giving me an empty can? XP haha, jk. But it felt very light, as if it didn't have anything in it.
Inside is a white cream, and it looks whipped. Kind of reminds me of the texture of cottage cheese? Maybe feta cheese? Something like that haha.
The product does not irritate my skin and the scent has not added fragrances, just smells like a plain moisturizer.
The consistency of this body cream is a little thicker than what I would like, but overall I think compared to their original (non-whipped) Shea body cream as well as The Body Shop's Body Butter, this is much lighter and easier to work with. It does a great job of keeping my body skin moisturized all day long and makes my skin smooth and soft. =)
Overall, I think this is a great body cream. It is a little pricey to me and I'm not sure if I'll buy it again. Luckily, I only use this for certain occasions involving patient contact and what not, so I won't be using up this product any time soon.

Do I recommend this product?
So this cream is thicker than a liquid lotion but has a much thinner consistency than other L'Occitane's body creams and The Body Shop's body butters. If you are looking for a body moisturizer with a consistency like this, not too runny but not too thick and heavy and with no added fragrances, I recommend this product. It lasts all day long for me and prevents my skin from getting dry, wrinkly, and itchy from the dryness.

Hope this was a helpful post! Feel free to write any comments or questions in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later! =)

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