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Review on New Born Eyebrow Pencil and Powder! =D

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Today I am reviewing "New Born" Eyebrow Pencil

This product cost about $15. It can be found at Mitsuwa. I currently have not looked for it anywhere else because I haven't finished using the ones I have, but you can try the internet.

What do I think of this product?
This has become one of my all time favorite eyebrown pencil/powder products! It is currently my staple. I have been using it all summer and still using it now. =)
I have it in 2 colors, B6 a medium brown and B2 a dark brown. (swatches near end of post)

B6 is above and B2 is below.
B6 is above and B2 is below.
These eyebrow pencils are a little creamier than Anastasia's Brow Wiz Pencils, but never-the-less, are very long lasting, easy to use, and you don't need a lot of product. I have been using my B6 for over 3 months and I am still not done with it yet!
They come in 3 colors, I am sorry, but I don't remember the 3rd one, I do remember it being more for light brown/blond hair though, so that is a choice that is available for those of you with lighter hair colors.

They are very water resistant and sweat resistant, I think one time I forgot to take off my makeup before washing my face and then realized after I splashed water on my face, but my eyebrows, were still perfect. ;D And I was in the  east coast over the summer with 95F weather and 70% humidity and my eyebrow makeup did not smudge, melt, or wear off.
The pencil part can be twisted up or down, it is not a square or cylindrical shape, more like oval but not rectangular.
The powder part is a sponge applicator that is can be twisted off from the center. Both the pencil and the powder are very pigmented and long lasting. You don't need to press hard during application at all. I actually felt that the powder was so opaque that I didn't use it for a while, because I was already used to using pencil. But then I figured out that I could just fill in most of my brow with powder, use the spoolie end to soften it, and then fill in and sharpen areas with the pencil! This made my pencil last so much longer (as opposed to using only pencil everyday).

The spoolie is one of my favorite parts! It is shorter and wider than the Anastasia Brow Wiz spoolie and MUCH SOFTER! The longer bristles also make it easier to brush my hairs, because I don't have to stick it so close to my face, and also since I have less brow hair than the average American or European, it is harder to use the Anastasia spoolie.
There is a cap on the spoolie that convenient fits on the pencil part, so when you are using the spoolie, you won't accidentally lose the cap because you can put it on the pencil part! Japanese people are so innovative. XD
cap fits on both ends!
cap fits on both ends!

Note: I am sorry if the images are of poorer quality than usual. I live in a basement apartment, so I don't get as good lighting (and no longer in sunny California as well). But I hope it's okay!

B6 above and B2 below
B6 above and B2 below
So, you can tell that B6 is lighter and warmer in color, good for a more golden-brown hair, or I guess warm toned brown hair in general. B2 is darker and cooler, so good if you have dark brown hair (wow, obvious lol) or black hair (if you think that black for eyebrows is too strong)

Do I recommend this product?
Yes, I definitely recommend this product! It is pretty affordable, long lasting, very water resistant and sweat resistant. It is easy to use, easy to travel with and has a pencil, powder, and spoolie all in one (very obvious I know).
Unless I find something more amazing than this, I will forever buy and use these!
I am sorry if this product is a little hard for you to get though =/, but try your best and if not, there are still many good options out there!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope that this was helpful =). Feel free to ask any questions or comments in the comment box below!

See you soon! ^_^

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