Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Outfit of the Day =)

Hi Everyone!

Here's what I wore today!

Tried to take pictures outside, hopefully the neighbors don't mind. =P

Top: Forever 21
Vest: "Q" or also know as "Fashion Q"
Skirt: some street vendor in China
Two-toned tights: Yesstyle
Wedged heels: BCBG

Some might think this is very Japanese/Korea/Taiwanese or "Asian". Yeah, I'm pretty influenced by Asian fashion as well as anime and manga.
Good thing about a good graduate or medical school is that as long as it's appropriate, they don't judge you by your looks. I was judged more in college, or so I felt. =P But I still wear what I want so whatever haha.
I'm also trying to wear whatever I want now because once I do become a physician, I can't wear something like this at work or in front of patients. It wouldn't be considered professional (skirt is too short, must be knee length) and no one would take me seriously.

Anway, hope you liked it or it gave you some good ideas for what you want to wear. See you later! =)