Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review on Eau Thermale Avene Skincare Trial Set

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Today I am going to review the Eau Thermale Avene Skincare Trial Set

I bought this product about 2 months ago, and tried it out for about 2 weeks. I got this trial set at the "My Beauty Diary" store in Los Angeles because I am a VIP member and I got it cheap (for only $1)
Because this was only a sample set, please keep in mind that my review cannot cover long term benefits or side-effects of these products. However, I can give you my input of using it for about 2 weeks.

What do I think of this product?
So, this set came with 1 facial cleanser, 2 moisturizers, and 1 dark spot treatment/lightener.

The facial cleanser: Cleanance Gel
This is a liquid cleanser is said to be for oily and acne-prone skin.  It is said to help fight and prevent acne as well as provide hydrating properties to the skin.
When I used it, I thought it was fine/normal. It lathers up into a light foam. I don't have a lot of acne in the first place so I didn't see much of a difference, nor did my skin feel more hydrated than usual. It tends to make the sides of my face a little itchy after use, so I stopped using it.

The light day moisturizer: Light Hydrating Cream
This moisturizer is said to be for normal to combination sensitive skin and help moisturize the skin.
It is very smooth and light. It does not feel heavy or sticky during or after applying and has a good consistency. However, this product also made my face feels a bit itchy and so I stopped using it. Also, when I applied my sunscreen after using this product, the two products would react with each other and form some kind of solid. One of them got solidified and basically rolled up into tiny white balls which stuck to or fell of my skin. This was kind of annoying since it meant that the product was not staying on and now I have tiny solid specks on my face that I need to get rid of....

The mattifying moisturizer: Mattifying Fluid
This moisturizer is said to be for normal to combination sensitive skin. It is said to moisturize the face and mattify it, preventing that oily, shiny look.
This moisturizing is light-weight and has a smooth consistency. It does tend to make my face a little itchy but not so much. It has great mattifying properties, especially for the oily parts of my face, all the shine is gone! And it makes my face not-shiny for most of the day! However, like the other moisturizer, the moment I put on sunscreen afterwards, the products react and solidify. Then there are tiny white balls of rolled up product on my face which are hard and annoying to get rid of. But alone, I think this moisturizer works great for mattifying an oily face.

The dark spot lightener: D-Pigment
This product is said to be for normal to combination skin. It is said to lighten dark spots such as dark scars, marks, etc.
So, this product must ONLY be applied at night before going to bed (but after cleansing the skin).
To be honests, I do not think I have used this product enough times. I tried it for a few nights but just stopped because....I was lazy. =P Sorry. I am starting to use it again and I will update this post as soon as I feel I can do a proper review on it. Besides that, I think the cream is lightweight and has a smooth consistency. I have not tried it on my face, but on the scars and dark spots on my body and it does not irritate my skin on my body. I am a little hesistant to use it on my face because (unlike the other products)this one does not say it is for sensitive skin, and I have sensitive skin, so, I'm hoping there won't be a bad reaction or something. =P

Do I recommend these product?
So, because of my reaction with them and because I have combination sensitive skin. I do not recommend these products to people with sensitive skin. However, I do think it it is promising to people who do not have sensitive skin. I do recommend the mattifying moisturizer to those with oily non-sensitive skin, just keep in mind that you can probably only wear this moisturizer alone, or find products that work well with this moisturizer (so they don't react, solidify, and form little white balls on your face.) The mattifying moisturizer is great for keeping an oily face mat and shiny free! And I would love it, if it didn't react and solidify with my sunscreen. =/

So I hope that this review was helpful. Not a very well known brand (I think?) but if you were wondering whether you should try it out or not (because it looks rather expensive), perhaps this was more useful. Thank you for reading and I will see you later!

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