Saturday, March 30, 2013

Outfit of the Day!!!! XD

Hi Everyone!

Today I went shopping and decided to show you what I was wearing when I went shopping and what I wore afterwards.

I am wearing a long sleeve cold-shoulder top with abercrombie kids shorts. Yes, abercrombie kids XP,  I only bought them because they were cheaper than Abercrombie. =P

When I was shopping, I saw this cute hat at Charlotte Russe.

And then omg, the Nine West shoes!!!! O_O!!!!
I actually tried on those shoes at a Nine West store in LA 1-2 weeks ago and unfortunately, they fit well  around my toes but the straps were very loose near my ankle, which made me sad. T_T
I saw them on sale in San Diego (original price $89) for $59 and I decided to try them on, expecting them to have the same fit problem. But to my surprise they fit much better! =D They are still a little loose around my ankle, but that's so the wedges can give when I walk.
I was sooo happy and I bought them! XD

These shoes are wedges and even though they look rather tall, they are very comfortable and sturdy. I don't feel wobbly when walking around in them and they look beautiful!!!! haha

Anyway, please enjoy the video!

Notice how I pair the black color of my purse with the black ribbon on my hat and the black straps of my wedges.
Also, the color of my shorts, heels of my wedges, and of my hat all have almost the same color.
And finally, the texture of my hat and my wedges are similar as well.

Matching and complementing parts of your outfit, is a very easy way to have a good complete look without too many crazy things going on. Therefore, it looks clean and well put together. ^_^

Thank you for watching this video. I hope you liked it and I will see you later! Have a great rest of the weekend!

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