Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter to Spring Transitional Outfit!

Hi guys!

Looks like I have lots of free time today. =P Also, don't feel like going to sleep even though I'm tired, haha. I have those days sometimes, do you?

So, this is not an Outfit of the Day, the reason it wasn't was because I returned the shoes in this picture. They did not fit my feet well and hurt. =( But I really liked the look so I took pictures before returning it, of course. =P

Dress: Jack Wills "Fabulously British"
Sweater: Loft by Ann Taylor
Tights: Uniqlo
Wedge heels: Nine West
Necklace: Banana Republic

Jack Wills is having a ridiculous sale now. It is a British brand that is relatively well known on the East Coast. Usually their stuff is expensive but their sale was super good because they changed designers so the older clothes can't carry the brand name anymore. This is a light summery dress, it was originally $98.50 and I got it for $40. Not bad =P
It's still a little cold here, but it was in the 50sF today and sunny so it felt nice! I pulled a sweater over it to give me some warmth!
These nude heels are so cute! But they're too tight for my toes. =(. They only had full sizes for this particular shoe, I'm sure 7.5 would have been perfect for me, but they didn't have it. Original price $80 and current price is $30. If you have narrow feet and short toes, I recommend this!
I'm still looking for a pair of nude heels, I don't have any! And I thought it looked so cute with black tights!

Now that spring is coming, it's a transition time to spring fashion! So most people tend to switch over to lighter and more pastel colors in their clothes. I thought that pairing a dark dress and tights with some nude heels and a pale sweater was a lovely transition towards spring. Especially with the nude heels! I can't wait to find a pair that works for me. The dress also has tiny white dots which helped break up the darkness of the dress and compliment the sweater better.
The gold chain necklace adds a pop of warmth and shine without being too showy. I love this necklace because I think it is very flexible and I can wear it with many outfits, and the gold gives a warmer feeling.

I think that dresses like these are great for traveling or for making a variety of outfits and looks. You can wear it alone or wear a shirt or sweater over it and make it look like a skirt! Or you could put on a cardigan or a cute vest! Very versatile. =)

So I hope you liked the outfit and maybe it helped you think about your transitional winter to spring looks! Feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment box below! See you later! Bye!

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