Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review on the Hado Labo Gokujyun Facial Cream and the Aquamoist Facial Cream!

Hi Everyone!

It's the last month of winter! Can't wait for spring!

But before that, here is probably my last winter skincare product! I am comparing 2 hyaluronic acid facial moisturizers. I bought these when I went back for winter break in California. I'm so sorry but I forgot what the exact prices were. X( They should be around $20 each and can be found in Takashima, Marukai Lifestyle, and Mitsuwa or online. They both contain 1.76 oz or 50 grams of product.

Hado Labo Gokujyun Facial Cream

What do I think about this product?
This product does not irritate or redden my skin, or the skin around my eyes. It is a gel white cream. Because of it's gel-like texture, it spreads and applies very easily and it is very moisturizing. It is lightweight but a little heavier and thicker than my Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion . However, it does not make my skin look or feel greasy/oil after letting it absorb into the skin. A little goes a long way and I don't need to use much for my entire face and neck.
Even though it says it is a facial cream, I think that most people in the US, would not think so, and it feels more like a thicker serum. I would still use this as a day or night serum, and apply a moisturizer on top, especially on windy and dry days. I also don't let it absorb all the way into the skin, I often apply my day moisturizer right on top and because of its smooth consistency, it helps spread out my moisturizer easier.
Overall, love this product, and I have been using it almost everyday this winter! Saved my skin a lot from the freezing windchill! Brr!

Aquamoist Facial Cream

What do I think about this product?
This product also does not irritate or redden my skin, even around my eyes. It is a clear gel cream that is decently thicker and heavier than the Hado Labo Gokujyun Facial Cream
I believe that this is heavy enough to be a moisturizer on its own, however, it does leave the skin looking very shiny and feeling a little sticky. It has amazing moisturizing properties and works very well when I have patches of dry skin, especially when I travel around or in very dry weather. However, I only use this at night, alone. It's so moisturizing, I don't need to add anything else!
I am currently not using this in the East Coast, just because my dad has very very dry skin and has eczema and so I gave it to him to use so it would relieve him of his super dry and itchy patches of skin. I did use it when I was in California, and it worked really well and I would use it as an evening super hydrating gel mask/moisturizer when I sleep, but only for that. Again, this spreads out easily and very well, and I don't need a lot of it for my face and neck.

Which product would I recommend?
This will depend on the environment where you live and your skin type. I believe that if you have extremely dry skin or if you are transitioning from a wet/humid climate to a dry climate, I would recommend the Aquamoist Facial Cream. You could apply less of it, if you think it appears too shiny/sticky, and layer on a moisturizer that has a more matt finish for the day.
If you have dry skin or live in a dry environment, or the weather is cold/hot and dry during certain seasons, I recommend the Hado Labo Gokujyun as a day and night serum. Depending on how you feel about it, you could wear it alone or with a moisturizer on top. I wear a moisturizer on top because I feel I need a little more hydration, but it's up to you. =)
Again, I like both and was very happy using both of them during the winter. I probably wouldn't need them during the summer, hopefully, but I would buy both again for the winter. =D

I hope that this review and comparison was helpful and not too confusing. =P Feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later! ^_^

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