Monday, November 10, 2014

Outfit of the Day! ;D

Hi Everyone!

So, sorry I haven't been in touch with you guys! I have a couple of exams coming up and I've been very busying study. One class only is determined by one exam and the other exam will probably have a higher average so I need to make sure I'm ahead! After that, I have some great things to review for the coming winter, so please be a little more patient! Thank  you =)

This is what I wore today!

Long-sleeve turtleneck: Uniqlo Heattech
Sweater dress: Banana Republic
Navy tights: Uniqlo
Boots: Can't find the brand name, I bought them in Japan

This is a much more mature and sophisticated look. Especially when wearing Banana Republic, it's an older women's brand. I'm not saying this for old women okay, But this is for women who are probably in their late twenties and onwards. Granted, I'm not even at my mid twenties, but I'm starting to find more mature clothes more appealing. Maybe I'm just growing up! Or growing XP
Anway, this is not a super-tight sweater dress. For my desired profession, I think it would be too much to wear tight clothes top to bottom. Besides, a looser fit lets me eat more! XD I also attend a med school, and sorry, but you are judged by what you wear and we are not here to show off, we are here to learn and learn how to help others. I can still have my sense of style while I'm at school, but in the real world, I'll probably wear even more conserved and simpler things on the job. But if I'm going out to an event, I don't have a problem with wearing what I want as long as it's still appropriate. (yes, sadly I'm not a teen anymore)
If you're in a situation where looks don't matter or you just don't care, you can make it sexier with tight boots or stilettos (or if it's not that cold, bare legs). I chose boots because well, it's colder here now, I'd like to be good looking and comfortable at the same time.
Honestly, I would have preferred dark red (like a maroon, oxblood, or burgundy) tights, but I don't have any, but I wanted to wear something other than black, because I was wearing so much black already. Of course black tights look good with this outfit too, but it's a little too safe and I like more color sometimes.

For those of you who want a more mature and sophisticated look, or want to dress older, maybe this will give you some inspiration!

So I hope you liked the look!
Feel free to comment or ask questions in the box below. =) Thanks for reading and I'll see you later!

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