Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let's Talk =)

Hi Guys!

How have you been?

The weather is finally warming up (feels like summer here) and getting sunnier! And everyone is getting into a frenzy of shopping and tanning XP.

I'm sure you have noticed that I have not been posting much lately, actually nearly only once a week!
And I would like to explain to you why and I hope that my explanation is reasonable and that you understand my situation.

You probably know that I recently graduated from UCSD and I have been hired as Staff. And life should be so much easier now that I have graduated and having no classes.......sorry, no, not really. =P

My work hours are 20 hours per week, not including the hours I spend for research which can range from 5 to 15 hours per week.
I still work in the hospital in the ICU and I shadow doctors in the ER for 8 to 10 hours each week.
And that is where most of my times goes toward =/

Also, I am studying for the mCAT exam. I am retaking it to get a better score and it is my number one priority now so I will even put work aside for this because the mCAT is important for my career and basically result of rest of life. =P

My skincare and makeup routines have become very stable and set. I understand what my skin needs, what it likes and the products that work well for my skin. Once a while I will buy something new to try to treat a skin problem but other than that, I am very happy with most of my skincare and makeup products now. I don't feel the need to buy more stuff if I don't really need it.
If my skin does change or react to something, of course I will try new things. But on a day-to-day basis, I stick to my staple products until I run out and either get the same thing or try something new for fun.
As a  result, I don't have that many new things to try and I don't have much things to review. =(

Please also keep in mind that I am not making money in the 100,000s and I do not have the luxury of buying makeup just to try, just for fun, or just because. =P I am not a professional makeup "guru" or artist and I don't have something like youtube to fund my skincare and makeup hobbies (though that would be awesome haha). I also don't have the luxury of having lots of hauls, like clothing or makeup hauls or even seasonal hauls. I personally think if you are one of those high school kids who have a closet just for your makeup and you are not paying for it...there is something wrong with you....yeah...go and get a job or do something with your life.

I also haven't been doing much outfit or fashion videos because I recently decided to break into a beautiful pair of stilettos which have resulted in some nice ugly blisters on my ankles and heels and I will need to wait for those to recover before I can even wear shoes again....

I will be going back to be a student. I received many acceptances into well known pre-medical master programs and I have chosen one. =)
Not telling you yet where it is, but it is on the East Coast. Which means I will be moving....which means....I can't bring a lot of stuff with me....which means....I can't buy that much stuff at the moment. It is very costly shipping stuff and I would like to keep the cost down because my parents are paying for me. =)

I'm sure once I have settled down, the new environment and weather of the east coast won't work as well with my regular skincare products for the drier coastal area of southern California, and I am bound to probably break out and start trying new things. But until then I am relatively much more thrifty and cautious about buying things. This includes, clothes, skincare, and makeup. I will not be buying much until I move. And once I start breaking out and dealing with the weather and humidity, then I will go for new and different products. That is when you can start looking forward to my reviews. XP

I will review the rest of the products I have to tell you about! But after that I may veer towards a different direction. Probably talking more about the methods of skincare (instead of just products) or more on fashion, health, exercise etc. We shall see! XD

I hope that this rambling thing has made some sense to you. =P
Thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate those of you who have stayed with me for so long =)
See you soon!

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