Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review on NYX 5 Color Shadow The Caribbean Collection

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I've been neglecting my posts! DX I just took a midterm this morning and I am finally free to write a review!

Today I am going to review on the NYX 5 Color Shadow The Caribbean Collection in
 "I Dream of Jamaica"

This product costs $15 at the NYX online website in Canada but I believe that I got this for about $10 (in some small asian makeup store). The net weight of the shadows are 0.28 oz or 8 grams.
You can find this online, or in random small makeup stores that happen to sell NYX products.

What do I think of this product?
I was wondering a little if this is a copycat of NYX but I am not sure. This is sold online on the NYX website in Canada but I do not see it on the online website for the US. Perhaps it is a discontinued product? I am not sure, but it looks very much like NYX and the Canadian website looks legitimate. I think it is safe to believe that it is indeed a NYX product but I leave the benefit of the doubt to you. =P Edit: This is a legit but discontinued NYX product!
I bought this in the Santa Anita mall in Pasadena last year during the summer in a new and tiny asian makeup store (the name I forgot). And they were selling loads of NYX products.
Anyway, so I bought this eyeshadow palette because I wanted sort of a natural palette that I could just travel around with me on short trips. And I wanted distinctly different shades of brown, not the eyeshadow palettes that have some shades of colors that look subtly different in the pan but the same on the skin.

So from left to right(following the swatches and palette picture above):
1st color is a very light and shimmery coral-pink color
2nd color is a very light and shimmery champagne-yellow color
3rd color is a sort of shimmery grey-brown color
4th color is a soft shimmery dark brown color
5th color is a soft shimmery very dark brown-black color

The coral-pink and the champagne-yellow color show more of a difference on the eyes than the swatches. You can see a gradation of brown colors from a lighter brown to the darkest brown.

I have tried this out and overall I do like the colors. I can use them for everyday or for a smokey eye look. The coral light pink and champagne-yellow colors I can use to highlight the inner corners of my eyes or the ball of my eyelids. I can use the very dark brown-black color to line my lashline for a soft and natural look.
The pigmentation is okay/kind of normal. I think it could be better. I always use an eyeshadow primer to make the colors stronger and more vivid so it works well enough for me.
The eyeshadows apply evenly and are easily to blendable and buildable. But, the eyeshadows are a bit powdery so I need to work with them carefully and there is some eyeshadow fallout onto my cheeks when I apply the eyeshadow onto my eyes, sometimes even when I tap the excess off my brush. It is not alot of fallout, and fallout is greatly diminished when I tap off excess. But, fallout is pretty annoying and I don't like dealing with it which is probably my main concern with this eyeshadow palette. I do not use this palette as often as I would like to because of the fallout. Pigmentation can be built up with layering but fallout is difficult to fix.

Do I recommend this product?
If you do not like fallout, then I do not recommend this eyeshadow palette. If you do not mind eyeshadow fallout or you can deal with it, I think this is a good palette to try. The colors are a good variety and you can create a lot of looks with it. Just keep in mind that they are all shimmery to varying degrees, and the 5th color is the least shimmery.


  1. This is a legit NYX palette... I think it may be discontinued in this US, since NYX recently came out with a whole slew of new eyeshadow palettes this Spring!