Sunday, February 17, 2013

Outfit of the Day! =D

Hi Everyone!

I wore this a couple days ago because it hit 80F in southern California and I was just waiting for the right time to wear this top!

I bought the top at H&M with a 30% off coupon. It was originally $25 I think and to me, it wasn't worth it, but I waited for a couple months and finally H&M had a coupon and I got it!!! XD

The jeans are from American Eagle and the boots I found when I was shopping along street vendors, so sorry, it's a no-brand.

This a soft and feminine but not too girly look. A loose flowy top is balanced by a pair of skinny jeans as the bottoms. It would also look great with shorts and boots or shorts and sandals, but the air is still a bit chilly so I opted for jeans. And don't forget to wear a cami underneath this sort of top! It is definitely see through and if you just have a bra underneath you'll look slutty. Either that or you'll get hit on by a lot of sketchy guys. =P

I think it is a great casual everyday outfit that is more interesting and fun than just a normal blouse. Cold shoulder tops makes the shoulders appear smaller and rounder so one looks cuter and more feminine.

I'm so happy the weather is finally getting warmer and sunnier, I want to wear light and fun clothes and stop bundling myself up! ^o^

I'm planning to do a sort of spring look book, so stay tuned for that!
Thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the look and please give me any feedback that would help me film better!
Do you prefer that I film indoors or outdoors?

Thanks and I will see you later!