Saturday, August 30, 2014

quick update

hi everyone =)

as you can tell, i have not written for a while

my master's program is quite stressful and it is taking a lot more time an energy than i thought

i think about reviewing things almost everyday, but then i also think about an exam that i have every other week =P

plus we have class from 9-3pm on average and we study 6-10 hours per day, so not much free time besides sleeping, cooking, and eating and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by not eating out, eating junk food, and exercising more

i usually come home very tired from studying and i don't like working on reviews half heartedly just because i am tired

i'm so sorry for not posting this month, =( i am trying to figure out my schedule and see if i can open up some more free time!

i hope you guys are doing well, and for those who are going back to school, have fun and study hard! it doesn't get better after college. =P haha (true in some ways but not others)

see you in the near future! XD

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